Keeping your home clean and tidy with a four legged lodger


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It’s a scientific fact… Dogs are awesome. They are full of an infectious zest for life which can be infectious even when the world is doing its best to make you want to crawl into bed with a bottle of pinot grigio and a couple of Nytol. They are unreserved and unabashed in their affections (unlike cats who always seem to have an agenda). They are a sympathetic ear when you need to unload your tales of worldly woes. They can give you an emotional pick me up when you feel down or depressed and their perpetually joyful disposition can help you to keep stress and anxiety at bay. They are natural mood boosters and a furry gift that keeps on giving joy, companionship, love and affection to your whole family.

But… Let’s be honest with ourselves… They can also be a complete pain in the arse too! Those of us who strive to run a clean, tidy and ship-shape household can be driven to the brink of madness when their best laid plans for domestic harmony are quite literally torn to shreds by eager jaws, inquisitive claws and a general disregard for the principles of home maintenance. They destroy your treasured household possessions because it’s fun and can leave dirty deposits on your expensive rug because it’s convenient for them.  Nonetheless, even if you cohabit with a 4 legged lodger it is still possible to keep a clean, tidy and glorious home. Here’s how…

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Give them toys that won’t make a mess

Dogs need chew toys. They help to keep them stimulated, stave off boredom, allow them to keep their teeth clean and save your treasured household possessions from being torn to shreds by bored, eager maws. However, there are many chew toys that can leave a mess when they are devoured by the eager, chomping jaws of a restless canine. Cereal based chew toys and rawhide may be cheap and convenient but you’ll either be hoovering crumbs out of the carpet on a daily basis or finding their slimy remnants between your sofa cushions for weeks to come. Instead consider chew toys that won’t make a mess like Ace Antlers. They’re made from real stag antlers and dogs love to chew on them. They’re full of vitamins and minerals and because stags shed them naturally they’re also completely cruelty free!

Suck it up!

It’s an unfortunate but unavoidable truth that pet owners wage a constant battle against the ubiquitous presence of pet hair. Not only can this be allergenic to some members of your family, it can also be extremely unpleasant to find on your clothing and upholstery. The key to keeping your home pet hair free (and avoiding having to chase guests round with a lint roller) lies in having the right vacuum cleaner like this clever RoboVac.

The Pet Money Saver blog has some great suggestions to suit virtually any household budget but a personal favourite is the Dyson Ball Animal 2. It gives the robust performance you expect from an upright (and a Dyson), it’s easy to clean out and the ball at its base makes it easy to manoeuvre around the home.  

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Keep the clutter to a minimum

Clutter is more than just an eyesore, it can be a real drain on your mental health. It can prevent you from being able to relax and stop you from feeling at home in… Your home. What’s more, the more clutter you have within easy reach, the more there is for your furry friend to inspect, tear down and reduce to tatters strewn across your living room carpet.

Invest in discrete storage solutions to keep clutter out of sight and give your pet fewer easy targets. The same goes for their toys, too. Dogs can quickly tire of chew toys and boredom breakers and when you have a multitude of dog toys littering your floor it can throw even the most carefully crafted household aesthetic out of balance. Resist the urge to over-indulge your pooch with a plethora of toys (or at the very least tidy them away when not in use). You’ll enjoy clutter-free floors and much fewer trip hazards.

Think about your fabrics

Some fabrics are more pet friendly than others. When you buy new furniture, its propensity for picking up animal mess should be considered. Materials like leather (or faux leather for vegan households) and microfibre are easy to wipe down and rid of stray animal hairs. Give them a wipe down or a once over with the vacuum one or twice a week and you’ll enjoy fuzz free furnishings.

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Dogs need bath time too

The bathroom is a sacred haven for Mums. It’s not only a temple of cleanliness, it’s the ultimate sanctum of relaxation. A place in which busy and overworked matriarchs can enjoy a long and enjoyable soak and drain the stresses of the day away. However, Mums aren’t the only ones who benefit from bath time. Your canine companions could also do with a good wash every once in a while. Bathing your dog every 3-4 weeks (or when they get especially pongy) is an important way of keeping your home free of unpleasant dog smells.

Bathtime can be a little stressful for pets so it’s important to stick to a familiar routine. When dogs have a routine they can adjust to pretty much anything. Use shampoo specifically formulated for dogs and place a non-slip tub in your bath (slipping sliding paws can be stressful for dogs), use lukewarm or cold water and be sure to shower your pooch with praise when bathtime is done.

Smelly candle scent

Burn the whiff away

Finally, dogs can be the cause of some unholy whiffs from general dog smell to flatulent emissions (which may actually come from the man of the house and be promptly blamed on the dog). These can be eliminated from the home with scented candles, bags of charcoal to absorb the smells or a homemade pet-friendly air freshening spray made from water and essential oils.

This is a collaborative post


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