The hottest interior design trends for 2019


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When it comes down to creating your perfect home, everyone will know that certain furniture can just make or break a space or design. It is so important to choose the right additions to your home but also so hard to reach a decision.

To help you make the right decision for your humble abode, we have collated a list of trends for this year that guarantee to convert your house into a cherished home. From soft blush hues, to dark moody shades, 2019 is the year of experimenting with your colour palettes. The bolder the better I say.


It’s all about the headboards, and the bigger the better. Nestling beneath sumptuous fabrics surrounded by a grand headboard is one thing people dream about, although this isn’t actually too far fetched. Headboards have the power to turn a basic room with minimal décor into a luxurious boudoir or trendy bachelor pad, so use them carefully I say.

After all, a headboard is the focal point for any bedroom, and the one thing your eyes are completely drawn to, so let’s make sure we don’t do this by halves. Headboards have the power to change the vibe of a room instantly. Whether your sole purpose is to add an extra bit of pizzazz to your room, or provide some extra colour and texture, headboards are one of the easiest additions that can really set the tone for your room.

Be bold, be confident

Going bold is the only way forward. The contrast of crisp whites to vivid high contrast colours can help to create a big statement. People are moving away from safe tones and welcoming strong patterns with open arms. Perfectly imperfect is the new vibe, with a diverse range of shapes and patterns scattered across people’s homes to create a melting pot of vibrant colours.

Bold is beautiful.

paint bold interiors

Multi-functional furnishings

Due to city centre living becoming increasingly popular, many people are willing to compromise on space in order to live in bustling city centre properties like those sold by RW Invest across Manchester and Liverpool.

Multi-functional furniture can provide the perfect addition to tight spaces, whilst still creating a nice overall look. Furthermore, new generations always seem to be moving. Whether that be upsizing or downsizing, or relocating altogether, it has become evident that many people have no fixed roots.

People are changing their homes more frequently, therefore multi-functional furnishings like modular storage boxes and crisp clean shelving are a smart and inexpensive way of living. Whilst being easy to assemble and dismantle, they can also provide a homely feel to your abode. As the trend of micro apartments is growing, often properties are being developed to make the most out of every nook and cranny.

Alcoves can be transformed into wine storage, under the stairs cupboards can be changed into a downstairs toilet, and display cabinets can be used to add to the design of the room. By investing in smart furniture, it can really add appeal to your home.

This is a collaborative post


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