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Disclaimer: I was sent this Aquabeads Minions Playset to review free of charge, but words and pictures are mine. This post contains affiliate links, see more information here

Minions are apparently freaking hilarious to small children. In this house, anything Minion-related goes down a storm, so when Epoch asked if we’d like to review an Aquabeads Minions Playset I thought it was the perfect indoor activity to see us through the cold snap.

We’ve had Aquabeads before and I do quite like them.

Aquabeads Minions Playset Despicable Me (9)

They’re colourful and easy to use, they don’t take up much space and unless you happen to spill them everywhere they don’t make any mess. They still coming under the umbrella of crafting which feels somehow better than sitting the kids in front of the TV and recreating patterns exactly probably helps their fine motor skills and colour matching too.

What comes in the box?

Aquabeads Minions Playset box

The Aquabeads Minions Playset contains over 700 beads (mostly yellow and blue), a table tray, palette (with bead separators), a water spray, a bead peeler and 2 templates which are printed front and back with Minion designs including three Minions, a teddy, a guitar, a banana and – I have to be honest – I have no idea about the last one.

Aquabeads Minions Playset Despicable Me (20)

How do you use Aquabeads?

Aquabeads Minions Playset Despicable Me (7)

The templates slot into the back of the table tray which has little bead-shaped hollows in it, so that you can match the beads to the template below and they sit on the tray and won’t move unless the tray is knocked.

Aquabeads Minions Playset Despicable Me bead tray table

When they design is complete, you spray it with a little water using the sprayer in the playset, and then after ten minutes or so, you can use the new bead peeling tool to remove your Aquabeads Minions carefully from the tray.

Your Aquabeads designs are then ready to be used as decorations.

Who is it suitable for?

The Aquabeads Minions Playset is suitable from 4 years, obviously it has very small parts as the beads are only a few mm in size so the kits are an absolute no no for children under 3.

In terms of difficulty, with good light a child of 5 can follow the instructions and create a pretty good replica Minion, and a child of 3.5 can have a good go with help.

Aquabeads Minions Playset review Despicable Me

What did we like about the Aquabeads Minions Playset?

The templates give you very recognisable characters; while obviously there are limitations as to what you can make with small balls, some sets are better than others and this playset is definitely the best I’ve seen.

Aquabeads Minions Playset Despicable Me (20)

You get enough pieces to make the characters and lose a few on the way (inevitable, sadly).

The table tray is a great idea; we have a smaller tray but this one slots on top of the ‘palette’ which you use to store your beads in. It slides and clips on so they won’t get mixed up, which is really useful.

The bead peeler, which we’ve not used before, is a revelation; it helps to get the design off of the tray without pulling it apart which can be really tricky.

Aquabeads Minions Playset Despicable Me (20)

Also we liked that you can do two designs at a time – perfect if you happen to have two children who find it hard to wait their turn!

Aquabeads Minions Playset Despicable Me (20)

How much and where to buy

Currently this Aquabeads Minions Playset can be bought in shops and online including at Argos (here) where it costs £19.99.

There’s a smaller character set which contains 800+ beads and some new designs, if you’d like to make more Minions using the tray, palette and peeler you already have. This can be bought from retailers including Amazon.

Visit the official Aquabeads website, or follow them on Twitter or Facebook for up to date information

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