Portable North Pole (PNP) review: A Santa app (with the REAL Father Christmas!)

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I’ve actually had a Portable North Pole (PNP) account since before apps actually existed, and slightly worrying perhaps, before I had children.

However much has changed in the last ten years since I first used it to make my husband an amusing video telling him to be good, and now it is an all-singing, all-dancing Santa App featuring none other than the REAL Father Christmas.

The Portable North Pole (PNP) app is amazing.

At 3 and 5, my children are at a fantastic age where they completely buy into the magic of Christmas without an ounce of scepticism (as long as we don’t use the same wrapping paper as Father Christmas. Dear lord they’re not stupid).

Portable North Pole PNP Santa Father Christmas App (20)

They’re also at the age where the idea of being on the naughty list would have them in tears, so they really try to be on their best behaviour (as and when they remember).

The Portable North Pole app is great for reminding them that they must be as well behaved as possible so that they make it onto Santa’s nice list, and congratulating them when they have been good.

The PNP app is free to download and once you create an account you can access it from a computer, mobile or tablet.

Portable North Pole PNP Santa Father Christmas App (20)

It has a children’s area where they can see videos, take sELFies, play games and and access the daily advent calendar, and an adult’s area where you can create videos and phone calls for your children.

The free version has two videos which you can customise with a name, date of birth, what they do (e.g. go to school, stay at home with mummy), gender and picture and play to your child to wow them!

There are loads of videos and calls you can make – you can purchase ‘premium’ videos and calls from Father Christmas for £4.99 and £2.99 each.

If you want to get the most out of the PNP app you need the Magic Pass, which costs £11.99 or the Ultimate Pass which is £29.99.

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The Magic Pass gives you access to unlimited premium videos and phone calls for all your children (and also a special video for grown ups!). It also comes with a reaction recorder when you’re using the mobile app, so that you can re-watch their amazed little face when Santa calls!

This is only available on the mobile app, on certain videos including the Post Office and ‘Made Just for Kids’. Once you’ve made the video it will offer you the chance to turn the reaction recorder on, and then this will download into your videos in HD. You can then download them to your phone.

Our PNP reaction video.

OK she might look mildly terrified, but actually she’d just a bit shy; she’s asked to speak to Santa every day since and is very excited when she gets to watch a new video!

On each video you can add additional details about your child – and do a behaviour update if they are perhaps straying too close to the naughty list, or maybe they’ve done a good deed and you want to let them know how happy Father Christmas is!

The Ultimate Pass is active for ten years; if you have young children then it’s definitely a good shout.

Okida Puppy Toy - Portable North Pole PNP Santa Father Christmas App (17)

There is a range of merchandise to go along with the PNP app.

Portable North Pole PNP Santa Father Christmas App

You can buy them from Amazon or John Lewis.

Each toy comes with a code which gives access to a free video!

The Twenty-Four Sleeps ’til Santa Storybook is an illustrated Christmas countdown, with short messages and a key to find on each page.

Portable North Pole Book PNP Santa Father Christmas App (11)

The Do-Good Elf is a posable Elf which will keep an eye on everything – you can move him daily to surprise your children if you wish – or not.

In addition, PNP donates 5% of web purchases to children’s hospitals around the world!

Check it out at their website, or download from the App Store or Google Play.

We received the Portable North Pole Magic pass and the items pictured in exchange for this review. Join me for a Twitter party about all things PNP on Monday 17th December 2018 at 7pm for chances to win PNP goodies!

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