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This is a collaborative post

2019 is going to be many things.

It’s going to be the year that I have two children both in school.

It’s going to be the year I finally get my diet sorted and manage to fit into all the clothes that have been sat in my wardrobe for almost six years, waiting for me to get some kind of self control. Probably.

It’s also going to be the year we get the kitchen done, a mere decade after we moved in and first realised how bad it was, and two years after the rest of the house.

I HATE our kitchen. Everything about it sucks.

Horrible kitchen units - bringing light in

The cupboards are falling apart; not just the doors but the insides too.

It’s too dark. Whoever thought a black floor and dark cupboards were a good mix for any room was an idiot.

The floor is horrible and never looks clean no matter how much bleach and Zoflora you use (I’m kidding. Don’t mix those, kids, no matter what Mrs Hinch tells you).

Floor after

The layout is terrible; the surfaces are too small to do anything and the plug points are in the wrong place. There isn’t a door to close, just an opening into the hallway and a larger one into the family room, and they are in exactly the wrong place.

The lights need sorting as half of them don’t work; the whole room needs the electrics stripped out and re-done. There’s a second switch on the wall and it doesn’t even do anything.

The double range cooker is so dated and takes up too much space.

Cooking with wine

The sink is ridiculous and circular and you can hardly fit anything inside it, which is pants when the dishwasher is out of order.

I cannot wait to see the back of the old kitchen!

So what do I want in a new kitchen?

Ceramic tableware on the worktop. White kitchen design.

The plans include moving the door to the corner rather than the middle of the room, so that there can be useful, long work surfaces all the way along the side.

The sink will stay by the window but will become a bigger, double sink perfect for washing up.

I’m going to choose lighter, more modern cupboards and worktops and paint the walls in a light neutral tone for a light and airy kitchen so that it doesn’t look dark, gloomy and depressing.

Apparently this light, modern look is the exact opposite of this year’s kitchen trends, but I’m not afraid to be different!

Nice Howden's units in utility room

Our utility room has a nice light feel

Rather than a gas hob which is impossible to keep clean, I want a lovely wipe clean ceramic hob and an integrated oven at a better height; something like the NEFF ones we tried out a few weeks ago would be fabulous but a cheaper alternative is probably more realistic.

Modern kitchen at home with healthy food

The floor in the adjoining playroom and in the hall is engineered oak flooring available from Lifestyle Flooring UK but this isn’t really practical in a kitchen. To be honest I’d be happy with a light, easy to clean lino; anything has to be better than the dark uneven tiles that we currently have.

Ravensburger Giant Floor Puzzle Paddington (16)

The electrics will be re-done with more light in key places and there will be useful storage hooks and more usable cupboards – less stuff crammed in the corners of cupboards, never to be seen, and more genius storage solutions – to make the most of the space we have.

Is there anything I haven’t considered?

This is a collaborative post.



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