Ten reasons that all mums are awesome

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Are you a mum who’s having a bad day?

Feeling a little down and underappreciated?

Believe me, we all have days like that.

….But I’m here to say don’t feel that way, because you rock.

Mums are amazing; givers of magical healing kisses, providers of cuddles, teachers, friends and so much more.

All mums are awesome, and here are just a few reasons why!

pregnant woman being sick in toilet

1. Most of us have gone through pregnancy and childbirth

That in itself is pretty badass.

We grew a whole new person inside of us and then, one way or another, got that person out of us.

Being pregnant is no hayride, and childbirth… The whole thing is a superhero-level feat of human endurance. Don’t ever forget that!

2. The vast majority have survived sleep deprivation which would kill off lesser mortals

(If you haven’t, just nod along anyway).

The kettle may well be in the fridge and the door keys are nowhere to be found, and we may not be quite sure why we walked into the room, but everyone’s still alive despite the longest stretch of sleep we’ve had in weeks being about 40 minutes. #NailingIt

Tired Mother

3. We can hold a wee in for ages if the alternative is waking up a sleeping baby

But we can’t sneeze safely, and we definitely shouldn’t go trampolining. Trust me on that one.

4. We are not afraid of bodily fluids

I never thought I’d hold a small person in the shower and let them puke all over me but here we are.

Who else other than a parent can catch a poo with their bare hands without even flinching?

Snot need wiping? No problem, use a sleeve.

Poo in the bath

5. We can clean a whole house using just baby wipes

In fact there is pretty much nothing we cannot do with baby wipes; the Swiss Army Knife of the parenting world. What parents will do when they’re banned, I dread to think.

If the in-laws phone and you’ve got six minutes to get the house in order before they arrive, as long as you have baby wipes you’re sorted.

6. We are skilled multi-taskers

Breastfeeding a baby whilst eating toast, watching crap daytime TV and simultaneously scrolling through Facebook? Easy.

We also have the ability to hold a conversation whilst always keeping one eye on our child;

Yes, I had second degree….. GET OFF YOUR BROTHER….perineal tear and…STOP PICKING YOUR NOSE…many stitches that resulted in…CAN YOU PLEASE STOP FOR ONE MOMENT

And we don’t even miss a beat.

Breastfeeding mother taking a selfie

7. We are masters of manipulation

From the age-old ‘the spoon is an aeroplane’ weaning trick for stubborn babies, to implanting in our children their Christmas wishes, which just so happen to match what ‘Father Christmas’ has already bought them.

Yes, mothers are bona fide experts in mind control, except of course when it comes to getting them to get their shoes on of course. Derren Brown himself wouldn’t be able to pull that one off.

8. We are eternally optimistic

Why else would you call spending 30 minutes of your life making a new meal that deep down you know your child will refuse to eat, if not optimism?

Others may say foolish, but they would be wrong. One day they’ll eat it and enjoy it.

Today is not that day.

Mother with children cooking

9. We have more patience than we think we do

For every show we’ve sat through and clapped at the end, for every pointless story we’ve been told at length and nodded along and smiled, for every time we let them do it themselves and not once did we stand up and walk out, we deserve the sincerest kudos.

Little Girl With Microphone In Hand. Close-Up Portrait

10. Because I’m your mother and I said so

And we are the only people who can say that and mean it.

So there you have it.

Ten reasons you really should give yourself a pat on the back. Appreciate your parents and in particular your mum, because mums rock, kids.

Ten reasons all mums are totally awesome. If you're feeling down, and underappreciated, then these will make you feel better #momlife #mumlife #momming #beingamom #parenting


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