Let’s get lit: Lighting mistakes you don’t want to make


Few things are as important to the look and feel of the home as your lighting is. You might have the very best sense of interior style to ever exist, but if you don’t light the home well, it’s not going to carry across. Lighting’s also very easy to get wrong. Here, we’re going to look at the different lamp, light, and window snafus that homeowners can make on a regular basis, and how you can get around them.

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You don’t layer your lighting

Perhaps the biggest and most common mistake of all is that homeowners believe they don’t need anything other than ambient lighting. At thelightbulb.co.uk you can see more about the three kinds of lighting in more detail. To put it simply, ambient lighting is the primary light fixture, often in the centre of the ceiling. Task lighting is lighting used to light up a functional space, like a lamp for an office desk. Accent lighting is the fixtures you use to provide additional light that don’t necessarily have a functional use, but create a good, even balance of lighting, or some low, warm light when the ambient lighting is off. A room needs a balance of all three to be well and truly lit.

You don’t know your natural light

When renovating or remodelling a space, then it’s easy to keep natural light as a priority and let as much of it in as possible. When looking at existing spaces, however, you might not have as much control over your natural light and you need to style it accordingly. For instance, if you don’t have a lot of natural light, then you might want to stick to lighter window treatments like blinds of translucent curtains, just as you want to avoid cluttering up the light’s access route with too much furniture. For rooms that get a lot more natural light, you want to avoid using colours that are too dark, as the light can sap a lot of the vibrancy and richness out of them.

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You’re not in control

This is partially related to having different kinds of lighting in the room (ambient, accent, and task). However, one very common issue is that there is no “in-between” when it comes to lighting, only on and off. Modern technology is making it easier to get more control over your lighting than ever before, and smart control options from teams like kinoav.com allow you to not only control the light fixtures but also the blinds so that you have more control over how much lighting you have throughout the day without having to get up off your chair. Dimming lights make it a lot easier to maintain a nice layer of lighting no matter what time of day without having to worry about buying too many accent lighting fixtures.

You’re not thinking about shadows

Where there is light, there is shadow, and you want to make sure that there aren’t too many in the room. First of all, they can make it look a little unsettling and uncomfortable, and dark spaces don’t let your room look as clean and spacious as it could. When you’re designing a room, take your ambient lighting into account. Space the surrounding furniture, such as seats and storage, along the walls in angles so that ambient lighting doesn’t cast long shadows from them and make sure your coffee table (or whatever your centrepiece is) is positioned directly beneath it. You can use accent lighting to combat any shadows that are a little harder to get rid of as well.

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You’re spending too much

If you rely on too many light fixtures, you might be concerned about your energy consumption and for good reason. Not only is your energy bill going to get unnecessarily high, but it’s not too great for the environment, either. As energysavingtrust.org.uk shows, there are plenty of ways to make your home lighting more efficient. Using dimming lights and smart home controls can help you ensure you’re not using any more than you need to. Don’t forget to try out energy-efficient alternatives like LED bulbs, as well. You’re going to save money not just because they burn less energy, but also because they last a lot longer than traditional bulbs.

Hopefully, this tips above help lead you out of the darkness and into that sweet, all-enveloping light. When it comes to restyling, renovating, or updating a space, make sure you always consider the lighting from now on. It’s the key to visibility, comfort, and even safety within the home.

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