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This is a collaborative post

I think most adults are fairly hard to buy Christmas presents for.

After all, once we’re paying our own bills we all have our own disposable income and if we want something we tend to buy it.

In my opinion though, men are the worst people to buy for when Christmas rolls around.

As you can see from this study on That Sweet Gift taken from over 4,000 people in the US and the UK, over half the men studied have received gifts that they never used. Our men are a picky, picky bunch.

Case in point, my husband bought himself a new Kindle in the Black Friday sale. He could have mentioned it and had for Christmas, but no. He just went and got it for himself, as if my task of buying him a Christmas present he won’t hate isn’t hard enough.

Christmas presents for awkward men

My dad is the same; now we basically live by the rule that if you can’t eat or drink it, don’t bother. One year I got him some Barry Norman’s pickled onions and it was basically the best Christmas present he’d ever had, in fact I might as well give up now…

And so, I asked for some suggestions for what to buy as Christmas presents for difficult men.

In among some weird companies trying to promote their own totally unfestive stuff (I think I’d rather give nothing than a car payment?!) there were some actually quite good ideas.

So here are some suggestions from me, and some from others, for Christmas presents that you might want to buy for the awkward men in your life.

Christmas tree gifts

Something music-related

Once upon a time, back in the good old days, music was good – certainly not this racket they call music now.

Fortunately some of the oldies are still not only alive but touring, so a pair of concert tickets could be a good shout.

In terms of musical theatre I can totally recommend Hamilton if you’ve not seen it already.

I asked over on Twitter and got a few suggestions:

At £70, they’d have to be a big fan of vinyl but it’s a really thoughtful gift for a music lover.  The site also do a good range of music-related gifts.

old vinyl record on the wooden table, selective focus

If they have a favourite band then Cactus Key Records are a good place to look for music and movie memorabilia such as signed photos, programmes, tour posters and rare vinyls.

Something Star Wars

Definitely one for my husband more than my dad, but apparently you can’t go wrong with a bit of Star Wars in our house.

Tie Fighter posable lamp

He’d better not be reading this as he has this ultra-stylish (?!) and very useful Tie Fighter lamp from Paladone* to unwrap on Christmas day. The RRP is £35 and you can buy it from Amazon.

The other one that goes down well in our house is basically any Star Wars Lego, but we’re on a Lego ban currently before it takes over the entire house and he got some for his birthday, so….

Something practical (and gadgety)

I’ll be honest, if someone bought me something ‘practical’ like tools (I got a hammer drill for my birthday once…) I’d probably be pretty pissed, but I’m not sure that men really work that way; at least not my dad.

Karcher Window Vac

It made me laugh so much when Janet from Falcondale Life suggested this, because that is the EXACT present I got for my dad last year. Great minds.

Karcher window vac. He won’t like it, but he kind of will, because it’s a gadget and he hates damp on the windows.

I have one too and it’s flipping awesome, honestly. If your husband, partner or dad doesn’t want one then believe me you do. It’ll be the best £35 you’ve ever spent.

How about something really useful, like this key finder? It’s flipping handy, and I could really have done with one in the house last week when I lost my keys in the bottom of a rucksack.

My fella wanted a ‘dash cam’. He spends ages watching YouTube videos of other people’s car’s dash cam footage so wanted his own. Men are odd! – Nyomi from Nomipalony

Each to their own, I say.

Something to keep him busy

Too much Lego in the house? (Yes). Not quite old enough for a jigsaw?

One for petrol heads (but probably not for those who are mechanics by day and only have a week off over Christmas…), the Haynes Build Your Own Combustion Engine set from Wind Designs will definitely keep him busy over the Christmas holidays.


The kit contains over 100 parts and step by step instructions; everything you need to construct a fully working model of a petrol car engine with an exciting ignition sound and illuminating spark plugs. Each model includes a Haynes Manual and a fantastic sense of achievement when it’s finished.

You can WIN your own Haynes Build Your Own Combustion Engine below!

Something to help him appreciate nature

Blue tit bird mother brings caterpillar in nest box to young birds

Another one here from Emma Reed that proves that all dads are basically the same, because I bought one of these, too. I even got one with a camera in it, and they can link it up to their TV and watch the baby chicks hatching. If that isn’t a good present for a retired grandad who spends a lot of time pottering, I don’t know what is.

I’ve bought my father in law a bird box because he’s outdoorsy and lives in the countryside and doesn’t do standard gifts like clothes etc.

Not just for oldies, a National Trust membership is also a fab present; we had it once before children and one day when we have more time to spare, we’ll get it again.

Something boozy to drink

If you can drink it, it’s alright by most people. A bottle of nice whiskey, gin, wine or beer is totally an appropriate festive gift and a failsafe here!

Booze for Christmas

My husband is next to impossible to buy for – I’ve resorted to buying lots of mixed cider bottles from different brands and making a cider gift pack up for him as you can’t even buy gift packs of the mixes he likes! – Christy

Making your own booze is definitely the sign of being a real grown-up dad. Mine does home brew, but there are loads of options

My dad has a gin making set this year from Not on The High Street – Rachel from Coffee Cake Kids

However if you’re looking for something a bit more ‘special’ try an experience day, such as a tour of a brewery.

I’ve bought my fella (and his dad) tickets to a Whiskey festival. Thought a little father son bonding would be appreciated (no nagging or kids allowed 😂) – Sinead from SineadLatham

….And if all else fails, just get him a pair of socks.

I’m buying my husband new socks as his current ones are holier than the Pope! Sarah from A Few Favourite Things


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This is a collaborative post.

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