How to chill out over Christmas


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It is unfortunately the case that Christmas can be viewed as a highly stressful time for many, for varying reasons. While household duties should always be evenly shared, it is often mums that still have a great deal of work to do to pull off a Christmas that all will remember, working hard to ensure their kids have a magical time.

That said, Christmas is a time for relaxation too. 

Here are a few tips to help you unwind over Christmas.

Feet up, glass of wine

The oldest tricks in the book earn their place because, quite simply, they’re effective. Spread out on your sofa and get a glass of wine in your hand – you’ll soon find yourself easing up and getting comfortable. A bit of booze is a classic remedy for any stress or overwhelming sensations, so don’t shy away from a splash of wine if it helps you take a break from your responsibilities.

Spent too much this Christmas? Have a drink! Noisy and misbehaving kids (and dads) being irritating? Have a drink! Drinking too much? Have a drink! If you enjoy your wine in a celebratory, controlled and sensible fashion, you may be able to take the edge of and enjoy your day at least a little bit more. Spoil yourself a little bit; it’s Christmas!

Family viewing

While unwinding alone can certainly do the trick, chilling out with your fellow family members can be a nice spot of comfort too. Stick the fire on, light up your Christmas tree and gather around your newly decorated, festive themed living room. It’s time to gather around the television and really spend some quality time together as a unit.

The mainstream TV channels will be continually airing festive themed content, whether they’re the Christmas specials of your favourite TV shows or classic films like Harry Potter or The Santa Clause. Alternatively, if it just so happens that you don’t want to watch what they offer, invest in a box set and watch what you want, when you want. Simple!

happy family mother and baby girl daughterтrun, walk playing  in winter outdoors in the snow

Go for a walk

While the word’s ‘it’s freezing cold!’ frequently crop up over winter, this doesn’t mean you should be shut away in doors for the whole season. Grab a coat, scarf and some walking boots, and strike out for the great outdoors. Aim for a wooded area that’s full of nature, and those chilling out vibes will come to you soon enough.

Remember, there’s frost covered fields to marvel at, crisp, fresh winter air to enjoy, as well as many snowball fights to have. The outdoors are extremely therapeutic and are no small part of the Christmas experience. You can go for a countryside walk, stop by a pub and enjoy a lavish Christmas meal and a hot chocolate (or booze – you’re walking after all). After all, chilling out is the most effective when it feels like it’s earned!

This is a collaborative post

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