Great reasons to consider artificial grass in your garden


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Family gardens are the hubs of our homes in summer and beyond. From family barbeques to just getting the kids out for a bit of fresh air, when it comes to outdoor spaces we need our gardens to be beautiful, functional and fun!

Artificial grass is becoming an increasingly popular choice for family gardens. Here are five reasons why you might want to consider one for your home.

Low maintenance

Fake grass may seem like an expensive option on the face of it but they’re actually incredibly cost-effective and easy to maintain, too.

You’ll already know that maintaining your natural lawn takes time, money, and effort. There’s weekly mowing in the growing season, edging, weeding, feeding and seeding to consider in order to keep them looking neat and tidy. And that all comes before we let the kids loose for playtime!

Heavy rain makes natural lawns muddy and more prone to damage from little feet, which leave them looking unsightly and can cost significant amounts of money to restore to their former glory.

Artificial grass on the other hand requires very little upkeep to sustain a family garden that’s the envy of all your neighbours. With no watering, mowing or fertilising required, the only regular maintenance you’ll need to undertake is the occasional once over with a stiff brush.

After months of fighting with your natural lawn, in just a few short weeks of having a fake lawn you’ll begin to see a significant difference to the aesthetics of your garden with very little effort.

All-weather use

When it’s been raining, letting the kids out into the garden seems like more trouble than it’s worth. The thought of muddy footprints being trailed into the house, alongside the grass stained clothes that’ll need washing post-play, may make you think twice about letting them out at all.

With artificial grass, even after the heaviest rainfall, you needn’t worry about the kids making a mess. Due to the perforated backing, rain drains right through and away from the garden and, with no soil underneath, the lawn can be used without worrying about it becoming a slippy, muddy mess.


When leaves fall onto your natural lawn, if they get trodden into the soil and become wet after rain it can leave the garden a no-go zone.

Artificial turf is made to be non-slip and dries quickly, which means fewer trips, slips and twisted ankles from potholes or uneven surfaces. That means your sports loving little ones can spend as much time as they like practicing their skills without risk of injury.

New Artificial Grass Installed Near Walkway and Pool.

Better playtime

Depending on the shape and size of your garden, lawns can take the fun out of playtime when they’ve become damaged or uneven.

An artificial lawn provides kids with a flat, even surface they can enjoy whenever they want. Not only that, but many fake grass products can be installed with a shock pad or foam underlay, which means you can enjoy absolute peace of mind if they frequently spend time on play equipment such as swings or climbing frames.

If looking out on your garden causes your heart to sink, perhaps it’s time for a refresh? New Lawn Artificial Grass offers free samples of their products to customers considering fake grass for their home. You can check them out and order yourself some freebies here.

This is a collaborative post

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