Rescue Runts review: Give an unloved stray mutt a home + WIN!

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Rescue Runts from Bandai are unloved little puppy dogs which need a new home and lots of care to make their character shine.

Rescue Runts are fairly similar to Scruff-a-Luvs which I met and loved at Dream Toys. Both toys offer a transformation when the stray pets are ‘rescued’ and groomed. Rescue Runts have a slightly lower price point of £17.99, and you also know which character you get from the box. Rescue Runts are also more neutral and realistic colours and are all suitable Christmas presents for a girl or boy.

Rescue Runts toy puppy dog pals

We were sent Shepherd, a brown and black scruffy little Alsatian Rescue Runt for review. There are currently three other puppy Rescue Runts to collect; Husky, Spaniel and Spotty. There’s also a unicorn Rescue Runt!

What’s in the box?

Inside the box, you get your 7-inch plush cuddly dog, and accessories: a hairbrush, tweezers, flannel cloth, and collar.

Rescue Runts toy puppies (45)

There is a cut-out adoption certificate on the side of the box. You can download a large printable certificate by clicking here.

How to play with Rescue Runts

The puppy comes covered in fleas which need to be picked off with tweezers.

These are loosely stitched onto the pup and come away easily.

Rescue Runts review with fleas!

Unwrap and remove the bandage on their leg. Again, this is super simple to do.

Rescue Runts toy puppy dog pals

Stretch their ears up (they have wire inside but are flattened in the box) to make them perky and alert, pull their tongue down (again, held up with a loose stitch), and dry their big puppydog eyes by peeling off the tears.

Rescue Runts toy puppy dog pals

Give them a good brushing and they will look like a new pup!

The Rescue Runts also come with ‘muddy’ paws which you rub to clean.

Lastly, give them a name and write it on their collar.

Rescue Runts review toy puppy dog pals (1)

With our very own rescue Riker

What did we think of our Rescue Runts pup?

It didn’t take long to cheer up Shepherd and make him look happier.

We couldn’t really get rid of the mud marks completely by rubbing; these come back after time anyway and can be rubbed off again although it’s unlikely you’d be able to make them disappear completely.

Rescue Runts review - mucky paw

The fur will, like any long-haired plush toy, get messier over time and it will therefore need brushing to keep your Rescue Runt looking good.

My only criticism of Rescue Runts really is the name! We have our own rescue dog (you can read aaaaaall about him here) and I don’t think runt is a very nice term. I concede I may be a little over sensitive about this, but I can think of many nicer names!

Rescue Runts review - toy puppy dog pals (1)

Other than that, it is a cute plush with an added play element and children will enjoy caring for their pups and transforming them from a scruffy rescue to a lovely puppy dog pal.

How much and where to buy

Rescue Runts have an RRP of £17.99 and are available to buy nationwide and from Amazon using the link below. They are suitable for children aged 3+.

We were sent this product free the purposes of this Rescue Runts review, however I have retained full editorial control and all pictures and words are mine.

You can WIN your own Rescue Runts pet below!

Win! A Rescue Runts pet


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