HoMedics heated gel shiatsu back and shoulder massager: Healing hands at home!

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I absolutely adore having a massage. I suffer with a bad back and find they really help to loosen up my muscles and help with the pain when I’ve overdone it. Sadly I rarely have time for it these days despite being more in need of it than ever.

When wellbeing brand HoMedics asked me whether I’d like to give one of their gel shiatsu back and shoulder massagers a test run, I thought it sounded like the perfect Christmas gift to me from me.

HoMedics have several different massagers available.

I opted to test out the HoMedics heated gel shiatsu back and shoulder massager.

What’s in the box?

HoMedics back shiatsu massager with heat review

Inside the box you get your HoMedics massager which is a large, heavy, chair-shaped pad. It comes with a plug and an attached remote which controls the massager; this slots into a pouch on the side of the chair when not in use.

HoMedics back shiatsu massager with head (43)

My first impressions were that it certainly looks the part. Having used similar massagers before I’d only ever seen them in black leather. This one comes in grey and light blue which actually matches my bedroom perfectly; it is a shame I don’t have a chair in there really.

How to install/use the HoMedics heated gel shiatsu back and shoulder massager.

You can use the massager on any full-backed chair as long as it is upright and within reach of a plug socket.

Place the massager on to the chair, attach the velcro straps at the back to secure it, then plug it in and you’re good to go!

HoMedics back shiatsu massager with heat (27)

Press the demo button to experience everything the HoMedics massage chair has to offer. Press the power button at the bottom to choose your own settings.

Features of the HoMedics heated gel shiatsu back and shoulder massager.

The way the massager works is essentially hard balls that rotate or roll up and down to knead the tight muscles and release tension in your back.

The massager nodes are padded with gel, so if you press against them they feel slightly squishy to touch. This makes the massage feel deep but soft, like the touch of a good masseuse.

HoMedics back shiatsu massager with heat (8)

You can select it to work or your lower or upper back, choose a single spot for a targeted massage, or have it work over your entire back. You can choose to have it in Shiatsu (rotating) mode or rolling. If using the rolling mode you can also move the gel nodes further apart which is useful for people with wider backs.

This model also has a neck and shoulder massager which works independently, so you can choose to have a back or neck and shoulder massage or both at the same time. You can move it up or down – which is good because in demo mode it was way above where my shoulders are. It would definitely be suitable for tall people.

HoMedics back shiatsu massager with heat (6)

Both massagers have an added heat option which is brilliant for tired and sore muscles. With the heat off the gel nodes will glow blue, and when the heat is on, the gel nodes are red.

HoMedics back shiatsu massager with heat (49)

The massager runs for 15 minutes and then stops regardless of which mode you have it in, and the nodes/balls move back to their starting positions.

What does it feel like?

It’s truly amazing! It’s very similar to having a normal massage except of course sitting up rather than lying down so you can read a book, have a cup or tea or perhaps attend a business meeting on Skype at the same time.

At the end of the 15 minutes (which always comes too quickly!) I felt the same relaxed sense of looseness that I tend to experience after a real massage.

HoMedics back neck shoulder shiatsu massager with heat review

My favourite part is the back massage, particularly on the lower back.

The shoulder and neck massage doesn’t have an adjustable width and I feel that this would be beneficial as I couldn’t seem to quite hit the spot. However the back massage on its own is amazing, especially when heated.

It won’t entirely replace the massage (unless they bring out a model that can also do a facial!) but it’s a lovely relaxing way to spend 15 minutes every day whilst waiting for the kids to eat their breakfast or to help me unwind at the end of a long day.

HoMedics back shiatsu massager with heat review (1)

If you know someone who is in dire need of a de-stress, a HoMedics heated gel shiatsu back and shoulder massager would make a brilliant Christmas present that they will actually be able to use every day.

The HoMedics heated gel shiatsu back and shoulder massager retails for £299.99, which is you’re a regular visitor to the massage parlour could be a big saving in the long run.

You can get a HoMedics heated gel shiatsu back and shoulder massager for just £199.99 using the discount code WHINGE20 on their website.

This code expires on 31st December 2018.

This post is a sponsored advertisement written in collaboration with HoMedics. However, the opinions and photos are my own.

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