Glimmies Polaris Glimsled and Glimgloo review: Light up your world!

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Glimmies are cute little light up fairies. We’ve met Glimmies Aquaria, the under water mer-fairies, but the newest Glimmies on the block are Glimmies Polaris; cute little polar snow fairies who live in an icy world.
We were sent the new Glimmies Polaris range to review just in time for Christmas!

Glimmies Polaris

Glimmies Polaris review - Glimgloo Glimsled (33)

The Glimmies are similar to the others we have, 6cm tall and made from hard plastic. They come in plastic packaging, which you’ll need a pair of scissors to free them from. Watch out for sharp edges!

Remove your glimmies, pull out the plastic activation tag, and turn the switch to ‘on’. Batteries (3 x 1.5v) are included. Although the Glimmies Aquaria light up on contact with water, the Glimmies Polaris are not waterproof.

Glimmies Polaris review - Glimgloo Glimsled

Glimmies Aquaria and Glimmies Polaris

Glimmies Polaris dolls have a hole in the top of their heads and a little sensor.

Gently blow onto their head to light up their body.

You can then blow again and again to change the colour of the light; it will scroll through six different colours before going back to the original, which matches their hair and clothes.

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They turn themselves off after about ten seconds. If you leave your Glimmie for a while, you’ll have to switch it off and on again in order to activate it by blowing.

The dolls themselves stand up on a flat surface although some are trickier than others to balance and they tend to topple when you blow on them.

There are 22 Glimmies Polaris dolls to collect. There are 12 ‘core’ dolls which are available singly, in twin packs, or packs of three, and then there are 10 special edition dolls that come with ‘Glimgloos’ and one that comes with a ‘Glimsled’ pulled by a polar bear.

Glimmies Polaris Glimgloo

Each Glimgloo set comes with one sparkly plastic igloo and one matching Glimmie.

The little Glimgloo has a door on the front although it’s difficult, if not impossible depending on the hairstyle of your Glimmie, to get them in through the window. Instead you need to remove the cardboard backing to slot them in.

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Inside there are pegs which fit into holes in the Glimmie’s feet, which holds them still.

You can blow through the top of the house to light up your Glimmie. There are four different Glimgloos to collect and you can connect these together using the stars on the sides to create a little Glimmies Polaris village.

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The Glimgloo playsets have an RRP £8.99 and are available at Argos here.

Glimmies Polaris Glimsled

Glimmies Polaris review - Glimgloo Glimsled polar bear toys

The Glimsled  comes with one polar bear with a sparkly turquoise harness and sled, and an exclusive character ‘Teodorinda’ who matches the sled.

She (or any Glimmie) fits on to the sled via the holes in the bottom of her feet.

Glimmies Polaris review - Glimgloo Glimsled Teodorinda

The polar bear is cute, and my daughter enjoyed playing with him, but I was surprised that for the RRP (£19.99) it didn’t have any additional features.

Compared to the other Glimmies which would make good pocket money toys or stocking fillers, the Glimmies Polaris Glimsled seems expensive for what it is, especially compared to the Glimsplash Playset which the children still play with.

Glimmies Polaris review - Glimgloo Glimsled (27)

You can check out the current price of the Glimsled on Argos here.

Glimmies are suitable for children aged 4 and over. You can see the range of Glimmies on Argos and Debenhams.

We received these Glimmies Polaris toys for free for the purposes of this review but the words and pictures are mine. 

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