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I’ve worked with Aldi on their famed Baby and Toddler specialbuy events, however we’ve always had to nip over to Maidstone because we didn’t have one locally. If you know Maidstone, you’ll know why that is a chore.

However over a year ago the local mums’ network started twitching with rumours that we were getting our very own Aldi! It was confirmed that it would be sited at Cannon Road on the site of the old Homebase, which would make it my nearest supermarket!

Today our very own Aldi opened, so I popped down to investigate and see if I could save some money on my weekly shop.

Aldi Tonbridge is open

Credit: Emma, head honcho, Tonbridge Mums

I was given £60 of Aldi vouchers to spend in exchange for this post, however I would have been there anyway and as you can see, I spent rather more than that…

A weekly shop in Aldi Tonbridge

Aldi Tonbridge - opening hours, parking, what we bought (4)
Top tip if you’re shopping at Aldi Tonbridge, remember £1 or your trolley token!

There is a huge selection of fresh food.

My only criticism is the lack of loose fruit and veg; there’s a lot of plastic, but the same could be said of any supermarket. I hope they start to work on this.

Aldi Tonbridge - Fruit and veg aisle

Aldi Tonbridge - Fruit and veg aisle

Aldi Tonbridge Meat ailse

Aldi Tonbridge Dairy aisle

There is a whole aisle dedicated to festive food

If you are after a pannetone, a gingerbread house or some mince pies then you need to pop in.

Aldi Tonbridge Festive Aisle

The cleaning and toiletries aisles are great

With cheap brand-named toiletries as well as super-cheap own branded ones.

Aldi Tonbridge Toiletries

And then of course, there is… The middle aisle

The ‘specialbuys’ section (the middle aisle) is what makes shopping at Aldi an experience as opposed to a chore. You can go in with a shopping list for eggs, milk and bread and come out with a band saw, a nose hair trimmer, a 700 piece jigsaw of the Seine and a whole serrano ham.

I couldn’t wait to see what was in the middle aisle.

Here are some of this week’s Aldi Specialbuys:

Aldi Tonbridge Middle Aisle

Aldi Tonbridge Middle Aisle

Hatchimals Glittering Gardens are £29.99

Aldi Tonbridge Middle Aisle

Aldi Tonbridge Middle Aisle Kevin the Carrot

Who doesn’t want a life sized carrot called Kevin for £19.99?

Aldi Tonbridge Middle Aisle

Aldi Tonbridge Middle Aisle

But now you’re asking what did I actually buy?

And did I save money shopping at Aldi Tonbridge rather than my usual supermarket?

Aldi Tonbridge - what we bought (27)

I admit that I spend way too much when I go to the supermarket. As a family we have very few vices, no expensive hobbies, and it’s budgeted for, so I don’t tend to worry. We like treats and I would rather pay more for the nice wine. The children often eat different things to me which is a pain, and to save my sanity I do buy a lot of pre-prepared convenience foods, chopped veg, stir fry packets and the like.

Usually I get my shopping online and it comes to about £120 for the four of us, with top-up shops in between. More if the whole family goes.

Aldi Tonbridge - opening hours, parking, what we bought (27)

A full weekly shop at Aldi Tonbridge, including food for dinners and packed lunches, toiletries, cleaning supplies, pull ups and alcohol cost £90.04 for six large bags full!

That’s about £30, or a saving of 25% off my usual shop, for the same amount of stuff. There was nothing that I usually get which I wasn’t able to, and I came out with a few extras too.

Aldi Tonbridge - opening hours, parking, what we bought (27)

Some of my favourite buys:

Toilet roll: £2.09 for 9 rolls Pull ups: £2.04 for 20 Kids' shower gel: 89p Shower gel: 55p Shampoo and conditioner: 99p each ALDI TONBRIDGE

Toilet roll: £2.09 for 9 rolls, Pull ups: £2.04 for 20, Kids’ shower gel: 89p, Shower gel: 55p. Shampoo and conditioner: 99p each. This is less than half the price of buying similar own-branded products via Ocado!

My kids love pizza night, and these pizzas cost just 67p each, again less than half the price of the cheapest Ocado alternative.

Aldi Tonbridge - opening hours, parking, what we bought (36)

They will add their own toppings and eat it just the same as any other pizza, I can assure you.

Although I should probably reserve judgement on these until I’ve tried them, the SlimWell Aldi frozen curry meals are just 2 and 3 WW points each, so I was really excited to see freezers full of them for just £1.99. They can’t possibly be worse than the frozen WW meals.

Aldi Tonbridge Slim Well

With pre-prepared cauliflower and broccoli rice for 88p, I should be able to stick to my diet this week after all.

Unfortunately I may have over-bought as my fridge is rather bursting at the seams now…

Aldi Tonbridge - opening hours, parking, what we bought (45)

But I remembered to get tea bags (160 for £1.15) and milk, and that’s the main thing.

Aldi Tonbridge - opening hours, parking, what we bought (47)

I snapped up 20 washing capsules for £2.99; I’ve used these before and found them to be just as good as ones double the price, and the amount of washing we have to do it should save us a lot!

Aldi Tonbridge - opening hours, parking, what we bought (40)

Last honourable mention goes to the Aldi booze aisle which is definitely worthy of a browse.

I picked up three real ales for my husband at £1.29 each (we usually pay £5 for 3) and a bottle of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc for me at £7.99.

Aldi Tonbridge alcohol

I will definitely go back to do my weekly shop at Aldi Tonbridge again.

The selection was good, the food was fresh and there were no queues at all which was surprising on opening day. More importantly, I could save myself £30 a week or more shopping here; that’s over £1500 a year!

As long as I skip the middle aisle, of course.

For more information about Aldi Tonbridge, take a look at the Aldi website here.

Parking at Aldi Tonbridge

The car park on a Thursday morning was busy, but there were plenty of spaces. However the car park is shared with neighbouring B&M which opened a few weeks ago, and I imagine the nearer we get to Christmas the harder parking will be.

Opening hours at Aldi Tonbridge

Aldi Tonbridge is open 8am-10pm Monday – Saturday and  Sunday 10am-4pm. Neighbouring B&M shuts at 8pm during the week, so if you want to park easily then head over between 8 and 10pm.

Aldi Tonbridge - opening hours, parking, what we bought (1)

I was compensated with vouchers in exchange for this post, but words and pictures are all mine!

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