5 ways to feel and look younger


We’ve all looked back at old photographs of ourselves and wondered, when did we get so old? The truth is that you’re beautiful no matter what your age might be, but our busy and hectic lifestyles leave little time for TLC and sometimes we can feel older than we might be. So, what can you do to feel younger? And by that I mean, more energised, brighter skin and a healthier outlook. There are plenty of good eye creams out there that can help with tired eyes and hide those dark circles, but what about your health? Looking for some inspiration?

Read on for 5 ways to look and feel younger.

Say no to the sun

We all know that vitamin D is good for you. But what isn’t – are the potentially harmful UV rays that come with it. Extended time in the sun means that you’re not only exposing yourself to a potential health risk, but also prematurely aging your skin. Always, head out with a spf30 sun cream on. Whether it’s a bright sunny day or a grey and cloudy one, UV rays are everywhere – so keep yourself protected.

UV and UVB ultraviolet lights are what causes visible signs of aging – which includes anything from your skin having a dull and saggy appearance, to wrinkles and spots.

Your diet

No one will ever tell you to cut out the things you love if you want to feel younger but making conscious decisions about your diet will certainly help. Eating a predominantly plant based diet that consists of fruits, dark leafy greens and other vegetables will give you plenty of energy and all your vitamins and minerals. Supplement this with lean proteins (unless you have restrictions) and wholegrains and you’ll have much more energy. It’ll give your immune system a boost too.

Drink plenty of water

Yes. That old chestnut. But there’s actually truth in this age old tip. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day can keep your skin hydrated as well as looking and feeling supple. If drinking that much seems a little difficult – and we agree, it’s not easy – then start by just increasing your intake. Treat yourself to a new water bottle to help you remember. Or try adding sliced fruits like lemon and lime to make the taste a little more exciting.

5 ways to feel and look younger

Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake

I know, I know. But we’re not suggesting you cut it out altogether. We all like a glass of wine to relax on an evening and a cup of coffee to get us going on a morning. Just remember that too much alcohol and caffeine isn’t good for your health, it strips your body of vital nutrients and drinking too much alcohol over time can result in an unpleasant, flushed appearance – not great!


Stress is ageing. So, cut yourself a bit of slack. Better yet, set aside some time every day to relax, sit and meditate or just enjoy some peace and quiet. You deserve it.

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