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Some days I wake up and I am full of ideas and energy, and I can just crack on, striking things off of my to-do list like some mum/blogger/freelance writing ninja.

Other days (most days, to be fair) I’m a lot slower to come around… and despite my ever-expanding list of urgent tasks, three cups of tea and two hours later I’m still messing around on Facebook and haven’t achieved a thing.

This is standard I guess, but when you have a very limited childfree time to get work done it’s definitely not ideal!

Utmost Me Neuro Focus Plus Nootropic brain vitamins (3)

When Utmost Me asked me to try out their Neuro Focus Plus supplements, they sounded like just the thing to help.

Utmost Me Neuro Focus Plus are Nootropic brain vitamins.

I must say Nootropic is a new one on me; but basically it means any food or supplement that aids brain function.

By taking two pills a day of their Nootropic plant-based formula which has been created by doctors, biochemists and nutritionists, Utmost Me claim to help improve your focus, concentration and productivity.

What’s in the Neuro Focus Plus capsules?

Utmost Me Neuro Focus Plus Nootropic brain vitamins (3)

The primary ingredients are L-Tyrosine, which many people find helps with fatigue from stress, Rhodiola which increases energy, endurance, strength, and mental capacity and Tumeric extract (curcumin) which helps to boost attention.

They also contain 75mg caffeine per two capsules to give you a kickstart.

For a details description of the ingredients of the Neuro Focus Plus capsules take a look at their website.

Utmost Me Neuro Focus Plus capsules  are vegetarian and gluten free.

How many do you take?

Take two capsules a day with food; breakfast is probably the best time. If you take them consistently over 5 days, they will have a cumulative effect.

It is suggested that you take a two day break over the weekend and then start again on Monday.

Utmost Me Neuro Focus Plus Nootropic brain vitamins (3)

I thought I’d try them and see if the capsules could make me a bit more work-smart and productive!

The pills are quite large so best taken with a glass of water.

I think a lot of my inability to sit down and get on with things is often due to tiredness.

The capsules contain 75mg of caffeine (two capsules) so similar to a small cup of coffee, which definitely gives a little boost.

Fatigue makes me forgetful too; I’m usually OK but last week I was really suffering. I forgot to turn up to a Twitter Party despite having an alarm set ten minutes ahead, I turned up late to my daughter’s dance class after forgetting which day it was. Not good at all!

Utmost Me Neuro Focus Plus Nootropic brain vitamins (18)

In terms of concentration I feel that after taking the capsules I’m spending less time staring into space waiting for inspiration to hit. Words come to me that little bit little quicker and I’m less easily distracted.

This could be partly because I’m more awake, but I have noticed a bigger difference. I feel much more ready to take things on and less likely to forget about things!

I will definitely keep taking the capsules; they will never give me my pre-children sharp mind back, but they’re helping!

Utmost Me Neuro Focus Plus Nootropic brain vitamins (18)

The Neuro Focus Plus pills come in a bottle of 50 pills, enough for 5 weeks if taken during week days only.

They cost £29 for one bottle, or you can buy three bottles for £66 saving £21, or six for £114 saving £60 in total. You can purchase direct from their website here.

Utmost Me also do a night time blend, the Neuro Rest Plus, for those that find it hard to drop off to sleep or that suffer from anxiety. Follow Utmost Me on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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I was sent these Neuro Focus Plus capsules for free for the purposes of this review, words and pictures are all mine.

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