Smashers Series 2 GROSS collectibles and other stocking fillers from Zuru Toys

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Collectibles are all the rage here and with my son, the grosser the better.

That’s why when we were given an opportunity to review the new Smashers Series 2 GROSS collectibles I thought he’d love them!

Smashers Series 2 GROSS collectibles ZURU toys (61)

Series one Smashers from Zuru Toys had plain red balls and sports characters… But series 2 GROSS Smashers are right up his street.

Smashers are little rubber figures hidden inside plastic bloodshot-eyeball spheres. You throw the eyeball at the ground to smash it apart and find out which of the 100+ grim, gruesome and grisly Smashers GROSS collectibles you’ve got.

Smashers Series 2 GROSS collectibles ZURU toys Poo Paper

Will it be a Maggot Pizza? Or perhaps a Baby Poo? Maybe you’ll find some Poo Paper or perhaps a Super Poop!

I kid you not.

As with most series of collectibles, there are common, rare, ultra rare and special edition series 2 GROSS Smashers to collect.

Smashers Series 2 GROSS collectibles ZURU toys triple pack

There are various different types of common Smashers to collect; Filthy Food, Odd Bodies, Icky Insets, Smash Trash and Toilet Humour. There are Rare Awful Animals, exclusive metallic Smashers, special edition glow in the dark Smashers and Series 2 GROSS Smashers also have super rare Ooze Dudes which come surrounded by slime. Don’t worry; Smashers Ooze Dudes come inside a bag so they’re safe to smash inside!

Here is the Smashers Series 2 GROSS collector’s list!

Smashers Series 2 GROSS collector's list checklist (2)

The smashing is fun, if you like to smash things, which my son definitely does. You don’t need to throw them hard; just dropping them onto a hard surface will suffice!

Smashers Series 2 GROSS collectibles ZURU toys (65)

There are six pieces which break apart neatly so be assured there are no tiny bits to pick up. You can even rebuild your Smashers eyeball; there are instructions on how to do this inside the pack. Putting it back together is fairly simple if you have a little piece of sticky tape to hold the pieces together.

Smashers Series 2 GROSS collectibles ZURU toys eyeball close up

We received a three-pack and inside we got a the purple Off-Roach, white Poo Paper and purple Horrid Hand – all common Smashers.

Smashers Series 2 GROSS collectibles ZURU toys triple pack

The triple pack has an RRP of £4.99 and you can buy bigger packs of Smashers GROSS which cost less per Smasher. You can buy them from national retailers or via Amazon below.

Other smashing stocking fillers from Zuru!

We were also sent the following items by Zuru Toys:

Zuru Toys stocking fillers

Robo Alive Spider

A freaky, creepy robotic spider. This definitely isn’t a toy for an arachnophobe! RRP £6.99 (Click HERE to see on Amazon)

Tangle Wild

Tangle Wild

If you are someone that needs something to do with your hands, then these Tangle Wild fiddle toys are perfect.  RRP £4.99 (Click HERE to see on Amazon)


The ultimate unboxing present; the five surprise is available in pink or blue and contains five small gifts! See our short unboxing video to see what we found in ours… Click here to see on Amazon HERE.

OOSH Slime Small Neon Rainbow and OOSH Putty Magical Mix

These are definitely only for supervised play! What child wouldn’t want slime in their stocking? You can buy a bumper selection pack containing both the putty and slime from Argos HERE.

We received these toys for the purposes of this review, but all of the words and pictures are my own. Pop over to the Zuru Website for more information!

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