12 easy ways families can help look after the environment

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Wet wipes, every parent’s best friend, are on the way out.

Mums and dads everywhere are rushing to find a new cleaning all-rounder now that the humble wet wipe has been revealed as being terrible for the environment.

We haven’t quite made the switch yet (we’re definitely working on it, and have cut down a lot!) but it got me thinking about other simple ways the kids and I could make small changes which would help look after the environment.

There are the small things we can do at home:

Turning the taps off when we clean our teeth
So simple to do but you can bet at least one of the kids has it running just because they like the noise.

Asking them to use both sides of the paper when colouring
A bonus of this one being it means there is less paper to stuff in the recycling bin later.

Turning electronics off when not in use
Kids aren’t great at remembering to turn things off, I know, but you can bet after being reminded a hundred times they’ll end up telling me off for leaving my phone charger turned on.

12 easy ways families can help look after the environment (2)

It’s so easy these days to get hold of household bins with recycling compartments, like this one, that even the kids will be able to get in on recycling.

Showering instead of having a bath
Not that I ever get to enjoy a relaxing bath anymore anyway… Top tip: Let your small kid wear their goggles in the shower if they hate getting water in their eyes.

Switching to a reusable water bottle
Remembering to take it with you while you go out and about is a different matter entirely. This multipack means you shouldn’t lose them all at once at least.

Easy to do and the kids will love getting involved, this composting bin is a great price too.

Passing on or reselling old toys
Providing they’re not broken or missing all the important pieces there’s no reason we should just throw away old toys anymore. Toys in good condition can be sold on Facebook, or if you want to do a good turn donated to charity shops, toddler groups or preschools. Probably while the kids are out though, or they’ll decide they’re their favourite toys ever.

12 easy ways families can help look after the environment

And little things we can do when out and about.

Taking a picnic on days out
Buying individually packed sandwiches leaves a lot of waste. Making them at home and using lunchboxes instead of wrap means you also save money and avoid ridiculous queues with the kids too.

Walking or cycling to school
Rather than jumping in the car, be kind to the environment and get some exercise too. And no parking rage!

Picking up litter
When we spot it, and putting it in a bin when we get the chance. The kids enjoy this one way more than I thought they would. Having plenty of litter bins, like these ones from Glasdon, helps reduce the problem of litter too.

12 easy ways families can help look after the environment - litter picking on the beach

Visiting the local library
Instead of buying new books every time the kids get bored of the ones we have, we can borrow some instead. Somehow I’m sure they’ll still manage to fight over them.

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12 easy ways families can help look after the environment; tips for recusing your family's environmental impact quickly and easy

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