Leesa Mattresses: Upgrading to a memory foam mattress for a good night’s sleep

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According to the Better Sleep Council, a mattress should be replaced every seven years. We’ve been in this house for almost ten years now, which means that our bed and mattress are about that old.

Time for a new Leesa memory foam mattress!

Our old mattress has been very lucky to survive relatively unscathed through two reflux babies who spent most of the time co-sleeping in it, as well as your average small-child accidents and sleepily spilled cups of tea.

However with that part of our life now behind us, we were on the lookout for a new mattress.  Suffering from a bad back on occasion I’d always been lead to believe that a firm pocket-sprung mattress was better, however I’ve recently learned that this is a myth!

Why are Leesa memory foam mattresses better?

The Leesa memory foam mattress is made from three premium foam layers which provide comfort and support to help you get a better night’s sleep. With over 12,000 5* reviews across the world, we were very excited when Leesa to send me one of their king size mattresses for review.

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One complaint about memory foam mattresses in general is that they can get very hot; as a hot sleeper this did worry me. The Leesa memory foam mattress has a 5cm top layer made from cooling Avena Foam which provides good airflow so that you don’t overheat.

Below that, there is a 5cm layer of memory foam which ensures that your body is supported and any pressure relieved so that you can sleep on your back, side or stomach comfortably. The last layer is a 15cm layer of foam which provides strength and durability, and stops that feeling of ‘sinking’ and difficulty re-positioning that some memory foam mattresses can cause!

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The mattress is also covered by a ten year warranty.

Leesa mattresses arrive boxed via a courier; the box is fairly heavy but surprisingly small.
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This does mean that you have to arrange disposal of your own mattress or, if you’re like us, pop it on the floor of the kid’s room so they can use it as a bouncy castle for a bit.

To set up the mattress, you need to first place it on the bed or other surface. We have a divan bed but it is perfectly fine to use a Leesa mattress on a slatted bed frame or even on the floor.

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Next, remove the outer layer of plastic covering and unroll it. You then unwrap the inner layer of plastic, making sure the mattress is in place. It may well take two of you to do this if you also have a large bed.

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Although it expands rapidly and you can sleep on it after an hour, it might take a few days for it to become fully firm. There is a slight smell about it when you first get it out of the packaging but this disappears quickly and within a few days isn’t noticeable at all.

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Unlike other mattresses it looks pretty good ‘naked’, and it even matches our room!

What did we think?

Was the Leesa memory foam mattress any good? Did we sleep better? That’s the important bit right?!

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Well, I must admit that I was sceptical about it all to begin with. Can a mattress really be that good and make that much difference to sleep?

Immediately I noted that it’s a lot firmer than I was expecting it to be. You certain don’t sink in the way that you do into some memory foam beds, which is good because we’re both used to a firm and supportive mattress.

My husband has suffered from a wrist/arm injury for many years and has found that he wakes up in less pain than he used to.

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In terms of comfort, it is a lovely mattress to sleep on and I have no complaints at all, except that I am sure that husband has started sleeping a lot more deeply and hence snoring more, which makes me want to beat him to death.

However I have found that some nights I go to bed and wake up in the morning; that’s it, you heard me right – sleeping through the night! Not every night of course, but when the kids and husband allow I can actually go to sleep and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed which is AMAZING as I’m so used to waking up multiple times a night, I’d just accepted it as normal.

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I don’t want to show off but last night I went to bed at half ten, slept right through my husband’s alarm and didn’t even stir until my three year old was on top of me telling me to wake up.

I feel like a new woman; I love my new Leesa memory foam mattress.

Buying a Leesa Mattress

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A new Leesa foam mattress costs from £399 for a single mattress, which includes free delivery. You can find the full price list on the website here.

If you want to try one for yourself, Leesa offer a 100-night risk free trial whereby they will refund you in full and collect for free if you’re not happy after 100 days. Note that this only applies to mattresses bought via the Leesa website.

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We were sent this Leesa Mattress for free for the purposes of this review, however I have retained full editorial control and all pictures and words are mine.

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