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Yesterday my son fell asleep in the car on the way home from a day trip, and after he’d made it clear he was not at all tired, he ended up coming downstairs and watching Solo: A Star Wars Story (well, the first half) for the first time. The film shows Han Solo meeting his Wookiee co-pilot Chewbacca for the first time.

This morning, who was to arrive at our door but one FurReal Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie interactive Chewbacca Toy from Hasbro for us to review as part of the the Hasbro Toy Tribe!

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Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie measures 16inches/40cm tall and his body is made from hard plastic.  His feet are hard and hollow and his hands are hollow and rubbery, and can be manipulated to hold things if you wish.

Chewbacca doll toy foot

Although he’s not cuddly enough to be a bedtime pal, he is covered in Wookiee fur. This comes hard with gel to keep it styled in place but don’t worry, he needn’t stay overly coiffed; it can be brushed out or will wear off over time to leave soft fur.

He has a mouth full of soft rubbery teeth, a hard black nose and big blue eyes which can just be seen under his fur.

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He comes with an attached plastic ammunition belt and satchel which you can open and close. He can stand up sturdily on his own, and his legs are articulated so he can sit too. When you move his legs into position you will hear a clicking sound.

How does Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie work?

Chewie comes in ‘try me’ mode which showcases a limited number of reactions when his belly is pushed, and no arm movement.

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To get the full range of 100+ Wookiee noises and motions, you need to turn your Chewie toy’s switch to ‘on’.

Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie’s on/off switch is underneath the fur at the back, hidden by a velcro strip. It’s tricky to locate because of the fur, and I imagine the fur might get caught in the velcro if you turn him on and off too many times. However once you know where it is, it’s possible to turn him on and off by feeling through the back.

Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie review: Interactive FurReal Star Wars Wookie toy

Co-Pilot Chewie has several sensors; the instructions say three but I could only locate one large button on his belly and one on his forehead. He also responds to movement such as shaking or lying down, and sound.

There are over 100 different noise and motion combinations.

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When the buttons are pressed once or multiple times or held down, Chewie makes a range of Wookiee noises from chuckles, snuffles, snorts, and shouts to (not really all that scary) fierce roars; he even hiccups, burps and sings!

His mouth opens and closes, his head tilts from side to side and his arms rise as he roars.

Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie review: An interactive Star Wars Wookie from FurReal by Hasbro, Han Solo's sidekick Chewbacca will respond to your voice!

He also responds to sound; if you stand next to him and speak clearly to him he will wait for you to stop and then respond. If you happen to be fluent in Wookiee you can hold a full conversation.

If you shake him, you’ll soon realise why it’s not wise to upset a Wookiee!

Chewbacca Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie Furreal Hasbro review

If you leave him turned on then he’ll keep chatting and roaring to himself for a few minutes, and then he’ll go quiet.

After that you’ll have to press the button on his belly or head to wake him up.

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If laid down, Chewie’s eyes will close, he will yawn and then start snoring!

Snoring chewbacca toy review

What did we think of Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie?

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If you’re a fan of Star Wars then you’ll love the Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie. He’s a fun, furry, cute Wookiiee and any budding Han Solo would be lucky to get him in their Christmas stocking!

Parents will also be a fan as the volume is just right to be parent-friendly and let’s face it, it’s not just kids who love Star Wars. When he’s asleep he doesn’t randomly start chatting as some interactive toys do and the on/off switch is probably too tricky for small children to work out on their own.

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He is a great fun toy, full of surprises and the best sidekick a captain of the Millennium Falcon could wish for.

You can see how we made the Han Solo Star Wars: A New Hope costume here!

Other information and where to buy

Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie is suitable from age 4 and requires 4 AA batteries which come pre-installed.

Chewie is priced around £129.99. You can purchase the FurReal Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie doll  from large toy shops or via Amazon here.

We were sent this Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie doll by FurReal to review for free as part of the Hasbro Toy Tribe. All pictures and words are my own.

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