The best Asian holiday destinations for families

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Asia is a bucket list family holiday destination for many, but it’s so big it can be difficult to select a place to go.

Here are some of the best Asian holiday destinations for families.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, indonesia

Apart from the great weather, rich history and diverse culture, what makes a trip to Bali that more special are undoubtedly the kid friendly locals and the natural environment.The Bali Bird and Elephant Safari parks are a great hit with kids. If this is not enough, there are a number of world class water and tree top adventure parks which are bound to keep the whole family enthralled.


Bharat Tea Plantations Sdn. Bhd., Tanah Rata, Malaysia

Malaysia is only one such country where a visitor can experience the culture of many. With a right mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and British population, a family will be able to view multiple cultures and their way of life in one place. In addition the young ones in tow would be able to gain first hand knowledge about them.

Popular activities here can include an exciting visit to a rehabilitation centre for orangutans, paying obeisance to an ancient Hindu deity high up in the Batu caves or simply taking in the smells of the food laden carts as you gaze at the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur.


balabac, philippines

This archipelago destination, made up of more than 7000 islands, has much to offer as a family hot spot. One thing unique about Philippines is, that no matter how far and remote you may be staying, you will be always reminded of the friendliness and impeccable hospitality of the locals. In one country itself, it is said that there are over hundred family friendly places to be enjoyed.

Children, for example, will love to frolic on the white sands of the stunning Boracay Island beach, or head to Bohol to view the surreal scenes of the Chocolate Hills. Then the City in the Forest at Puerto Princesa in Palawan will leave you mesmerised as you tour the underground river, one of the listed Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Easily one of the most sought after destination for holiday goers with families and children is Hong Kong. People from the world over love coming to this place and for good reason too. First of all the locals encourage children to visit and will go out of the way to make them feel at home. Almost everybody speaks or understands English, so getting around is a dream. Above all the transport system is absolutely fantastic and very user friendly, especially for kids. Even the most fussiest of children will have no issues with food as good quality cuisine is available everywhere.

The theme parks in Hong Kong are also out of the world. Popular parks like Ocean Park and Disneyland have some of the best infrastructure comparable with the best anywhere. These parks cater to both small children and teens and will keep them occupied for a long time. So if a real stress free vacation is what you are looking for, Hong Kong is the place to head for without any thought.


Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Clean, budget friendly, easy to move around in and super safe, Singapore is a list topper for families seeking a great time with their near and dear. Compact as it is, Singapore has so so many different and diverse attractions, that one can easily spend days there and still not be able to experience all.

To start with, Sentosa Island is the long reigning number one super attraction of Singapore since time immemorial. The evergreen Universal studios, Mega adventure Zip lining, the nine metre high Merlion, not to forget the world famous Singapore bird park as well as the Water Park, are all activities which can be enjoyed equally by both young and old. Cultural shows and exhibitions are organised from time to time, especially to cater to the young minds.

A family holiday requires careful planning in order to make it a complete success. With Asia as your choice, your major worries are taken care off. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or beach bum, this vast region has everything for everyone, to make it a leading and good family vacation spot.

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