Drunk Shopping part 2: Because apparently we never learn

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If you’re a regular reader, you may remember this recent post about drunk shopping; the latest trend for people with a smartphone, alcohol and not enough self control.

It seems drunk shopping is the gift that keeps on giving!

…So welcome to the second post.

The people in our group are either idiots or geniuses. I can’t work out which.

We’ll kick off with this purchase, which takes some beating.

When you’re drunk shopping on eBay and decide it would be a good idea to buy a full-size replica Stormtrooper costume. I only remembered a few days later when a massive box arrived at the door. (So this cost about £700 that I really didn’t have so convinced myself to use the credit card and pay monthly… it took years to pay it off). The lesson here is to go to bed when you’re drunk and don’t look at eBay. It does look awesome though!  Neil 

While it does indeed look awesome I’m not sure I could ever find a use for it, if you can though you can pick one up here for the bargain price of £798.45 (free delivery, because paying delivery on top of that would be a step too far).

In a jeep - drunk purchases

Vehicles again played a large part in people’s drunk shopping habits.

We once drunk a jeroboam of a rather nice cote d’ Provence pink for my birthday and ended up buying, on eBay, a 1991 Land Rover Defender. 2.5 months later it got stolen and we got double what we paid for it on insurance. Chloe

See, drunk purchases aren’t always bad things.

My old man bought a boat in a pissed state once. Even paid for it.  Turned up on his doorstep two days later. The whole country must have heard the explosion that was my mother hitting the roof! Brad

Not bad if you live near water I suppose, not so good otherwise.

I once woke up after a night out to find I was watching a double-decker coach on eBay, £117,000. Thankfully I was outbid. Charli

Imagine trying to get that thing parked!

These were some of the more random drunk purchases…

I, for some reason, bought 47 traffic cones. I thought I would be better at running highways than the people that do it now. Kubby

A very specific number, that. When you’re drunk you think you can do everything better than everyone else. Luckily, once he’d sobered up, Kubby sold the traffic cones on, so the roads are still as safe as they always were.

I once woke up to a notification on my phone “congratulations your unicycle is on its way” and had no recollection of the ordering. The downside, I did try it but alas unicycling is not for me (or my bum and backbone which took quite a few knocks attempting). Upside, I resold it on Facebook for £5 more than I had bought it off eBay the week before. Jo

If you too fancy giving unicycling a go (or turning a profit on a unicycle) this one seems like a good start – I think?

I ordered hundreds of stick on googly eyes..still no idea why. Louise

As our very own group admin Cassie will tell you, you can never have too many googly eyes and these are an absolute bargain!

Bought this fetching pair of pants whilst pissed. Forgot about it until they turned up from China a month later and were so small they would basically only fit my actual cat. Kelly

I actually bought these exact pants for a secret santa once. They were a right bargain. If you fancy your own pair of cats pants (for you or your cat) buy them here.

It’s not all bad though, some drunk purchases can inspire family tradition.

I bought a 6-foot inflatable palm tree, paddling pool, Hawaiian skirts, coconut bras and some maracas while under the influence. Decided to have a party and the palm tree is now my Christmas tree every year. Janine

There is nothing I don’t love about the Christmas palm tree, I’ll be honest.

If you’ve just woken up to a hangover and 50 notifications from ebay, fret not.

Here is my guide to selling things online, and if you actually do want to make some money, check out this guide to making cash from selling your smelly shoes to perverts. You’re so very welcome!

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This is a post from the members of our group, Dafuq Is Dis (Some stories have been edited for length or clarity).

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