Stickle Bricks review: Are they as fun as they were in the 80s?

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Stickle Bricks are a classic toy which have been around since 1969; most people (including myself!) had some in the 1980s.

We were sent some Stickle Bricks to see if they still hold the same appeal in 2018!

I enjoy the kids play with the same toys that I did as a child. Both play with the Lego and Playmobil that has been stored away by grandparents. I had a big collection of Trolls and My Little Ponies, and thanks to their recent resurgence my oldest loves them too.

Stickle Bricks really haven’t changed much since the 80s, although I am told that the newer bricks have changed ever so slightly and two versions won’t fit together due to the size of the teeth.

In case you’ve never heard of them, Stickle Bricks are colourful, tactile plastic construction toys that can be pushed together and pulled apart easily.

Sticklebricks review - 80s toys!

The bricks have ‘teeth’ along each side and edge which attach to other Stickle Bricks, so there is no limit to what you can build.

Given how much he likes building things, I thought my three year old would be just the boy to test them out.

Stickle Bricks Fun Tub

The Fun Tub is a great starting point for any budding Stickle Bricks builder.

It contains 69 pieces, including a variety of building blocks in lots of different abstract shapes, a base plate, wheels and axles so you can make vehicles that move, and heads so you can create little Stickle Bricks people.

Stickle bricks review Little Builder

The pieces are easy to hold and build and even if you’re only small, there is no limit to what you can make!

Stickle bricks review Fire Engine

Challenge your child to make the tallest tower, the biggest building, the best car, or the funniest monster, and then snap a photo and break it up and start over again.

Stickle bricks review Fun Tub

The large tub is perfect for keeping and storing Stickle Bricks. The tub only comes just over half full, so you can easily fit extras inside.

Stickle bricks review Fun Tub

The Stickle Bricks Fun Tub has an RRP of 19.99.

Stickle Bricks Fire Engine

The Fire Engine building kit includes 22 Stickle Bricks pieces and one lid/base plate; everything you need to make a fire engine (complete with fireman) and a fire station.

Stickle bricks review Fire Engine

Built by my daughter (not me!) age 4To make the fire engine, your little one can copy the image on the box in order to make the vehicle and the station.

Stickle bricks review Fire Engine

Although the kit and the pieces, like all other Stickle Bricks, are safe and suitable from 1.5 years it will probably be another year or so before they’re able to build the fire engine without help!

The Stickle Bricks Fire Engine set has an RRP of £16.99.

Stickle Bricks Little Builder

The Little Builder set is a smaller kit full of different brightly coloured Stickle Bricks; 30 pieces in total including a few shapes not included in the Fun Tub.

Stickle bricks review Little Builder

The Little Builder kit has an RRP of £9.99 and would make a brilliant parent-friendly birthday gift for a child between 1 and 3; no noise, no small pieces to clear up and won’t take up too much room, especially compared to some of the large toddler-friendly building blocks!

Stickle bricks review Fire Engine

Stickle Bricks allow children’s imaginations to run wild, without being difficult to use; even a young toddler will be able to construct shapes and pull them apart again.

With their bright colours and being basically child-proof it’s not a surprise to see that Stickle Bricks have stood the test of time.

Where to buy Stickle Bricks

Stickle Bricks are available from national retailers including Argos and Amazon.


We received these Stickle Bricks for free for the purposes of this review but words and pictures are my own.




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