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If you’re not already familiar with the brand, Schleich are a German company which has been around since 1935. Best known for their collection of realistic hand-painted wild animals figurines, they now make everything from Marvel superheroes to unicorns.

We have reviewed a few Schleich figures recently, but as they get played with so often I was happy to take a look at the new figures from the Schleich Horse Club and add them to the collection!

The Schleich Horse Club range has recently expanded with four brand new ponies and their riders to collect.

Schleich Horse Club horses and riders review (23)

We were sent the new Horse Club girls and their ponies to review. All of the horses come with a rubber saddle, bridle and reins which fit their horse perfectly, and the horses and their saddles are colour co-ordinated with their owners!

Hannah and Cayenne

Schleich Horse Club horses and riders review (36)

Flame-haired Hannah wears a cowgirl hat and boots, and has a beautigul brown and white mare with a red saddle.

Lisa and her pony Storm

Schleich Horse Club horses and riders review

Brown-haired Lisa has a dark brown Hanoverian mare with white markings, shiny silver horse shoes and a black mane decorated with teal ribbon. She comes with a saddle and bridle which match the teal detailing on her mane.

Sarah and Mystery

Schleich Horse Club horses and riders review Sarah and Mystery

Mystery is a pretty fawn Arabian mare, with a decorated man and a green saddle which match her owner Sarah’s jodphurs.

Sofia and Blossom

Schleich Horse Club horses and riders review Sofia and Blossom

Sofia is a smiling blonde with plaited hair, a bit like Rapunzel, which it matches the mane on her her pretty white Adalusian Mare. The saddle is a maroon colour to match Sarah’s top.

The horses are like any Schleich figures which are very solid and beautifully made.

Schleich Horse Club horses and riders review (66)

The horses are made from heavy plastic and as a result are very hard wearing for many years of play. The ponies are are extremely realistic replicas with lifelike features and hand-painted details including shiny eyes and wet muzzles. Each horse is a different breed and is in a different pose.

Schleich Horse Club horses and riders review (1 (15)

Unlike the standard Schleich horse riders, the Horse Club girls are jointed at the armpits, thighs and knees so they can be posed. They can ride their horses but also stand on their own (although like any figure it can be tricky to balance them properly) and sit down.

Schleich Horse Club horses and riders review (71)

The figures of the girls don’t slot on to the saddles easily and you do feel like you have to force them on, almost as if they were made to fit the horses without their saddles.

If the legs spread just a little wider they would slot on a lot easier. I was a little worried that they might break as they aren’t as solid as the horse figures but they haven’t so far, and once on they stay put even if you shake the horse.

Schleich Horse Club horses and riders review

Additionally the colour from Sarah’s hands started to rub off revealing the yellow plastic below quite quickly.

Schleich Horse Club horses and riders review (30)

The solid horse rider figures, as pictured above, are more solid easier to fit on. For smaller children I’d probably stick with them.

However the articulated girl figures do add an extra element of fun and if you have a doll’s house or playset, like the new Horse Club Caravan, your child will be able to have hours of imaginative fun with them. My daughter loves them!

Schleich Caravan Horse Club

Of course there are plenty of Horse club accessories.

We were also sent some accessories for the horses including a blanket, halter, apples and bowl and a grooming brush. You can take a look at the range on Amazon.

Schleich Horse Club horses and riders review

The Schleich Horse Club girl and pony sets are recommended for children aged 5+ have an RRP of £14.99 each.

Schleich Horse Club horses and riders review

They can be purchased from good toy shops or online, including at Amazon using the links below. There is of course an entire range including a whole range figures, accessories and playsets; you can see the entire Schleich Horse Club range on the Schleich website.

We received the Schleich Horse Club ponies and riders free for the purposes of this review but all words and pictures are mine.


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