Kekilou Surprise: New collectable dolls with a secret make up surprise

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Kekilou Surprise is a new line of collectable dolls from Flair. I’d not heard of them but I knew that my daughter who is into everything girly and collectible would go absolutely mad for the little plastic doll-bag-surprise makeup hybrids.

Confused? Read on!

Kekilou collectible range

We were sent a huge bundle of Kekilou goodies to review, as well as a pampering bundle with chocolate and nail varnish to have our very own pamper party!

Kekilou collectibles come boxed looking like cute little bags/suitcases about 5cm high.

Kekilou collectible doll/suitcase

They are very similar to the Sweet Secrets surprise dolls which were very popular in the 90s. Although they come in a range of colours most of them are pink or feature pink detail. Some have glitter and they all have different designs and different handles.

Kekilou collectibles (1)

Open them up (the hinge is at the bottom right) and inside is the little doll. The dolls are plastic with a little bit of colourful hair.

Kekilou collectible dolls

Flip the shoes and head out and the handle down and then close it again. The bag becomes a skirt to make your Kekilou Surprise doll.

Each Kekilou Surprise collectable doll also has mystery make up hidden under her skirt!

To transform her you need to open up the body, tuck the head and feet inside and flick out the bag handle. Close again, and then slide the front of the dress upwards to reveal eye shadow, body glitter or lip gloss!

Kekilou collectible eye shadows

The ones with longer hair can be tricky to get back into the suitcase properly; I found the easiest way of doing this was to twist the hair together in front of the doll’s face before pushing it down into the suitcase.

The Kekilou Surprise doll range has single and double packs to collect.

There are also two different Mini Vanity Playsets and a Kekilou Party Bag Playset in the collection.

Kekilou collectibles (20)

Single K-Cutie packs

There are 12 single ‘K-Cutie’ packs to collect, each with a different colour and design and containing a doll with a different coloured hair.

Kekilou collectible K Cutie pack

You can collect Chloe, Tess, Birky and Kelly who all come with a secret lip gloss, Jewel, Rochelle, Pearl and Gwen who have body glitter hidden inside and Joyce, Kate, Nicole and Kylie who contain eye shadow.

The single packs are priced at £4.99.

Double K-Cutie2 packs

There are six different packs, each containing two bags/dolls; six of the single pack dolls each with a new doll – meaning there are 18 different Kekilou Surprise dolls to collect in total not including the playsets.

Kekilou Suprise double pack

The full Kekilou Surprise collector’s list is below.

Kekilou Surprise doll Collector's list

Each duo also contains a little comb and they cost £8.99 so slightly less than buying single packs separately.

Kekilou Mini Vanity Playset

There are four different Mini Vanity Playsets. Each one contains a special doll and a light up vanity case with hidden make up.

Kekilou collectible dolls mini vanity playset

You stand the doll onto the space inside the vanity case to illuminate to mirror.

Kekilou collectible dolls mini vanity playset

They close up (without the doll inside) to make a little compact. The Mini Vanity Playsets have an RRP of £14.99 each.

Kekilou collectible dolls mini vanity playset

Kekilou Party Bag Playset

The biggest box contained the Kekilou Party Bag Playset, a large pink suitcase/bag you open it up to reveal a beauty salon and disco.

Kekilou collectibles party bag playset

You can make your doll dance by placing her on the correct spot and moving the handle about. There is a spot for them to stand in the bathroom and space for a couple of Kekilou Surprise dolls on the shelves.

Kekilou collectibles party bag playset

The Kekilous Surprise Party Bag Playset comes with a sink and a fridge, plus accessories to make it more ‘homely’, some backgrounds which slot into the back of the bag and some stickers to decorate it with.

Kekilou collectibles party bag playset

It also one Kekilou Surprise doll with magical colour-change hair that goes from pink to white when dunked in warm water!

Kekilou collectibles party bag playset

Kekilou Surprise make up

If you’re on the fence about children wearing make up – and I totally get you – you needn’t worry; although it looks brightly coloured it is quite sheer and doesn’t show up particularly. It rubs off easily, much like the Tinkerbell makeup of my youth.

Kekilou collectibles party bag playset make up

Personally I don’t mind her (or indeed my son who always wants to be included) using it as a bit of fun as long as they don’t get it on the sofa and I think it’s fun addition to the doll which without the makeup would be cute but of limited play appeal.

Kekilou collectable dolls

Personally I would love to see nail varnishes added to the range as they are my daughter’s favourite!

Where to buy Kekilou Surprise dolls

You can buy Kekilou Surprise dolls from national toy retailers or Amazon using the links below.

We received these Kekilou Surprise dolls for the purposes of this review but all words and pictures are mine.

WIN a Kekilou Party Bag Playset!

If you’d like to win a Kekilou Surprise Party Bag Playset worth £24.99, enter using the Gleam widget below!

WIN! A Kekilou Surprise Party Bag Playset


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