Tips for choosing a family ski holiday

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Choosing the best ski resort for you and your family can be a tricky process. With different interests and age groups to please, it can be difficult to keep everyone happy but there are a number of things you can do to minimise the risk of disappointment.

Follow these tips before choosing your family ski destination and you’ll have all the peace of mind you need to enjoy some action on the slopes – after all, it’s your holiday too.

Know your family-friendly resorts

Tips for choosing a family ski holiday

Some ski resorts are more family-friendly than others, especially if you’re travelling with children as opposed to older or grown-up kids. For example, Verbier in Switzerland and Méribel in France are among the highest-rated ski resorts for families with activities for all ages both on and off the slopes.

“For you the most important thing is that there are numerous activities, on and off the slopes, to keep your kids happy and entertained. From dedicated ski school to an abundance of non-ski activities, Verbier is the ideal alpine resort for families of all ages.” – Ski Armadillo

Of course, what you and your family want from a ski resort might be different from others and the usual “family-friendly” label – so do your own research and read plenty of reviews to help you make the right choice.

Consider somewhere closer to home

If you’ve always dreamt of a ski holiday in the US or hitting the slopes in Japan, don’t let us get in your way. That said, keep in mind that you’ll be looking at some long flights to some of these destinations and then you’ve got to travel to the resort itself.

If you’ve got young children, we don’t need to tell you how stressful this could end up being.

Luckily, Europe has some of the world’s best ski resorts all within a relatively close distance, meaning you can be on the slopes within half a day – rather than a day and a half. Shorter trips take less out of you and reduce the impact of jet lag, which can make for a tough first couple of days on your holiday.

Tips for choosing a family ski holiday

Think beyond the slopes

When young kids are involved, nothing is guaranteed. They could fall in love with the slopes and love every minute of it or get bored after a day and decide they want to do something else. There are two things you need in this scenario: a good selection of non-skiing activities for youngsters and top quality childcare services.

If the little ones decide they’re not putting their skis on today, you want to be confident that you can leave them with professionals that are fully trained with all the necessary background checks in place. Also, enquire about the ration of carers to children to be confident your child gets the attention and supervision they need.

Of course, young kids aren’t the only ones who might need a break from skiing so it’s worth looking into additional activities for all age groups – yourself included.

With so much information available on the world’s best ski resorts, you shouldn’t feel intimidated about choosing on behalf of your family. All the reviews you’ll ever need to make a decision are there waiting for you so just focus on removing as many inconveniences as possible that could otherwise tarnish your trip.

If a long trip is going to be too much for your youngsters, look a little closer to home. If you’re worried they might not take to skiing, make sure you have enough non-skiing activities and childcare to keep them happy while you’re on the slopes. And, most importantly, enjoy it!

Tips for choosing a family ski holiday

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