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My husband has long wanted a home CCTV camera camera which could monitor the driveway from the comfort of the office.

Having worked in community safety for the latter part of my pre-baby career, I know very well that where we live, crime isn’t high. The worst we’ve had to contend with is our wheelie bin going missing, and thus (fortunately) a home CCTV camera for our property might be considered overkill (although I’d love to know what happened to my bin…).

However when working from home in the back garden, it can be frustrating when the doorbell rings and you have to open up the house and traipse through only to find it’s a charity knocker or someone trying to sell you something.

When we were offered the new home CCTV Kodak outdoor security camera (model EP101WG) for review I thought it would be a great idea to give it a spin.

The box seems surprisingly small, compared to what I had envisaged. Inside is the camera, cables, power adaptor, wall fixings and instructions.

Home CCTV camera Kodak outdoor Security Camera EP101WG review

The camera is waterproof and made for outside use.


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The camera is fairly easy to install long as you have a good drill and a ladder, and it just needs access to a plug socket. However as most people don’t have outside sockets, and we don’t have access to indoor sockets from outside, we asked an electrician to install ours properly.

Unfortunately this has meant a wait so we have had to test the camera before it has been properly affixed to the wall. I will duly update this review of pictures once it is properly fixed into place.

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Using the camera

The camera connects directly to your home Wi-Fi. To use it, you need to download the special KODAK Security app for free onto either an iPhone or an Android phone.

Connect the camera to the app, and create an account. Only devices with the secure password will then be able to connect to the camera, which you can detect via WiFi.

Once connected, you can watch 1080 full HD quality colour video (with audio too) live from your phone or tablet. If the Wi-Fi connection isn’t very fast, you can opt for lower quality video.

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Zoomed in using the Kodak Security app

Just like a high quality commercial CCTV unit, you can pan and title the camera using your fingers to move or pinch to zoom, whilst watching remotely from your device. It has a powerful zoom which means it would be useful for larger properties, and if well positioned will be able to cover a wide area.

You can record to the camera using a micro SD card and upload snapshots directly to a google drive which is a really useful idea as it means they can be accessed from anywhere. To do this, you need to set up a new cloud account and then bind it to an existing Gmail account.

Kodak outdoor Security Camera EP101WG review Home CCTV camera (5)

Security camera snapshot (Kodak) CCTV

It has 10m of night vision meaning it can be used at night.

CCTV at night

Ease of use

If you are able to use a smartphone then you’ll have no problems operating the camera via the app.

The instruction manual is short and the steps to set up are easy to follow.

If the picture feels a bit laggy, give it a minute or change the advance settings to ‘better streaming’.


You can upgrade the KODAK home CCTV security camera to a complete alarm system to protect your home while you’re away.

We’ll definitely be doing this; if the CCTV alone isn’t enough to put off a would-be thief then an alarm system should definitely be!

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What we thought of the KODAK outdoor Security Camera EP101WG

The camera is easy to set up and use. Having seen a lot of CCTV footage in my time, I was surprised at how good the quality of the pictures and video is. You would not need anymore more on a home system.

The price point and easy installation means that home CCTV is a lot more accessible than it used to be and I am sure that many homeowners, including myself, will feel happier and more secure in the knowledge that their house is being watched when they are away, and it will be particularly useful for identifying callers before answering the door.

Where to buy

The unit retails for £169.99. You can buy it from various online retailers including Amazon here. For more information on the KODAK Security CCTV camera and compatible alarm system, go to the website here.

Please note!

Before you install home CCTV, please read the Government guidance for using domestic CCTV systems and ensure that it will not intrude on neighbours’ privacy.

We received this Kodak outdoor Security Camera EP101WG free for the purposes of this review but words and pictures are mine.

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