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It’s finally happening; it feels like just yesterday we were looking at schools and but a second has passed since we finally got our chosen primary school place but we’re here!

With under one week to go until my oldest starts school, I’d like to think we’re pretty prepared.

Well, we misplaced the list with the ‘essentials’ on it, which is pretty poor parenting on my (or my husband’s – the jury is out as to whose fault it is. I reckon his) part, but I’m fairly sure that we had most of the things on the list. I guess we’ll find out in due course.

Bumbling parents aside, my daughter seems to be taking it all in her stride. She’s very VERY excited, and has worn her school uniform complete with new school shoes at every opportunity.

A Super Start to School with the PJ Masks!

She was amazed when a huge parcel of PJ Masks goodies turned up just for her (she even happened to be wearing her PJ Masks PJs at the time!)!

Inside the box were a bunch of great PJ Masks presents.

They were sent to help us get her school-ready by developing her very own superpowers and giving her a Super Start to School!

PJ Masks Back to School toys (126)

What a super(hero) haul!

Although my daughter was a bit disappointed when I mentioned that it might not extend to flying, being super fast or super strong, there are plenty of ways that the PJ Masks can help children develop superpowers – or the social, emotional and problem-solving skills they’ll need as they go into school.

You can read all about the PJ Masks superpowers that your own child can develop to help them get school-ready here.

Here are the ways we’ve been developing some of the PJ Masks superpowers!


Listening is a vital thing to learn for school, not only in the classroom but to form friendships with their peers. It’s an important skill for superheroes too; the PJ Masks have to listen to each other or they’d never be able to pull off their plans!

LeapStart PJ Masks Moonlight Maths game - PJ Masks Back to School toys Superpowers (85)

We were sent a fabulous LeapFrog Leapstart along with a Moonlight Hero Maths with PJ Masks LeapStart game, and it is the perfect tool for encouraging listening as well as a whole range of academic skills too.

Leapfrog Leapstart - PJ Masks Moonlight Maths review

With no screen to instruct, you have to concentrate on and follow the read instructions which is a novel concept to young children used to iPads who never listen to anything!

LeapStart PJ Masks Moonlight Maths game - PJ Masks Back to School toys Superpowers (85)

On each page there are two different games to play, an easy and a harder one. These generally involve solving problems by touching the correct place on the page, identifying characters, objects and shapes etc. If a ‘harder’ challenge is completed then they can earn a sticker to put in the reward section at the back of the book.

Leapfrog Leapstart - PJ Masks Moonlight Maths review

We love the LeapStart, it’s a good halfway point between a tablet and a book; encouraging screen-free time but still interactive enough to be exciting! The PJ Masks game will also help her practise maths, shapes and matching and there are many other books available to encourage letters and reading so we’ll be looking out for those too.


A superhero without a good memory is easily defeated, and it’s important for school too so you can remember what you’ve learned!

The VTech Learn Super Learning Headquarters is an interactive toy for children aged 3-6 with a screen, lights and sounds.

VTECH PJ Masks Super Learning HQ PJ Masks Back to School toys Superpowers (220)

Pick a vehicle from the Cat-Car, Gekko-Mobile or Owl Glider to play with, then select a mode (vehicle, science or problem solving) and the game you want to play. Overall there are 12 different activities which help to teach science, geography, food, matching, problem solving, letter order and of course, memory skills!

VTECH PJ Masks Super Learning HQ PJ Masks Back to School toys Superpowers (220)

Some of the games are much trickier than the others. We had fun playing the sequencing memory game; she was really happy with herself after she cracked it!

PJ Masks superpowers - back to school (16)

“Go away mum” that look says

Memory games are also a fun way to encourage remembering. The Ravensburger PJ Masks Memory Game is a fab little travel game that you can take with you on trips and encourages memory matching in children aged 3-6. We have a few of the 48-piece memory games and the kids like to mix them up to create different games!

Ravensburger 48 piece PJ Masks memory game

The PJ Masks Night Sight game is also a good one for testing memory; we reviewed the game a while ago here.


Another of the ten PJ Masks superpowers, all superheroes need to be precise to make sure they outwit the baddies!

Precision can be encouraged by colouring in and drawing which she just loves do! Luckily, included in the huge bundle was a bunch of pens, pencils and crayons, with stickers and a book to practise her drawing.

PJ Masks Back to School toys Superpowers (166)

She’s able to write and recognise her name which should help her to locate her peg at school, but the thing she’s most excited for is learning to read and write properly. Practising letters on a wipe-clean book is also a brilliant way to do it.

PJ Masks Back to School toys Superpowers - letters


The PJ Masks is, at its heart, a story about friendship. Catboy, Owlette and Gecko all accept each other for what they are and help each other out when they’re in trouble.

Starting school is going to be hard on my inseparable pair who have even been together at preschool this year, but their relationship has definitely taught my oldest a lot about being a good friend.

She was excited to give him these wonderful PJ Masks wall stickers to complete his PJ-Masks and superhero themed room.

PJ Masks Back to School toys Superpowers (173)

He loved them!

PJ Masks Back to School toys Superpowers (201)

I don’t think she’ll have any problems making friends, but no one will ever love her as much as her first best friend, her little brother. Or fight with her as much I suspect. In fact in all of this it’s probably him that I am more worried about, he’s going to miss her loads when she walks into that classroom in five days.

You can follow how we’re getting prepared with help from the PJ Masks on Instagram and Twitter.

We received this bundle of PJ Masks products for free so that we could take part in the #PJMasks Super Start to School campaign. 

All of these items are available to purchase from national retailers. I’ve stuck the links to Amazon which show the latest prices below.


How would you like to WIN an amazing #SuperStarttoSchool bundle with the PJ Masks?

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