Tiny Treasures baby doll by Kid Kreations: A review

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It’s the summer holidays here and that means plenty of time for testing out toys! Well, these children have to make themselves useful somehow… 

This week, we were sent the Tiny Treasures newborn baby boy doll and accessories to review.

I gave it to my oldest as a well done present after her final day of preschool.

Made by Kid Kreations and sold exclusively by Argos in the UK, Tiny Treasures baby dolls come in blue or pink outfits and are hand painted and available with different coloured hair and eyes.

We have quite a few baby dolls, as my oldest is the caring, nurturing sort; much more so than I ever was. They definitely have a pecking order and she plays with her favourites almost every day.

Tiny Treasures Newborn Doll Argos (4)

Could the Tiny Treasures newborn baby doll work its way into her affections?

We were sent a baby boy doll with dark brown hair and blue eyes. I say boy, it could be a girl in blue. There are no other differences.

She named him ‘Messy’. I tried to get her to go for something more traditional, but she wasn’t having it. Messy T is is.

What do you get in the box?

The Tiny Treasures baby, which has an RRP of £39.99, comes with an outfit including babygro and hat, a nappy, a birth certificate for you to fill out and a plastic identity bracelet just like one you’d get at the hospital.

Tiny Treasures Newborn Doll Argos (29)

It is presented in a car-seat shaped box strapped in with a three point harness.

What are the features of a Tiny Treasures baby doll?

From the box, the Tiny Treasures dolls looks much like any other baby doll. Their hair is soft, brushable and slightly unkempt; like any baby you’ve seen with that much hair.

Tiny Treasures Newborn Doll Argos (54)

His eyes close when you lay him back (if only real babies worked this way!).

The baby doll is about 18 inches long, perfectly sized for my daughter who will be 5 in a few months, and it is heavier than it looks weighing 2lb10oz.

However, when you remove the plastic front and get him out of the box you get a faintly familiar, pleasant whiff of baby powder.

Not only does it smell like a real baby, but it feels like one too.

In fact a unique feature of the Tiny Treasures baby is that the dolls is weighted so that it feels like a real baby to hold.

Tiny Treasures Newborn Doll Argos (40)

Not how you should hold a real baby!

The fabric body is stuffed like a bean bag and the plastic face and limbs are quite squishy. The limbs are jointed and the head is floppy; it’s just like holding a newborn which is a bit of a shock for a child that’s only ever held pretend baby dolls!

Tiny Treasures Newborn Doll Argos (41)

Not how you should transport a real baby

I think a Tiny Treasures newborn would be the perfect way to introduce the idea of a baby sibling, teaching a child how to hold a baby properly!

You can buy Tiny Treasures here via Argos price at £39.99.

Tiny Treasures Newborn Doll Argos (68)

Accessories for Tiny Treasures Newborn

The Tiny Treasures dolls have a range of clothing and accessories made to fit them perfectly.

Presented inside an organza bag with a heart shaped tag, the accessories bundles have varying RRPs and can be bought from Argos. Take a look here for the current range.

We got this snuggly white Bedtime Cuddles dressing gown and slipper set.

Tiny Treasures Newborn Doll Argos (10)

This fits over a babygro to keep them snuggly and warm; not something I’m concerned about in this 30 degree heat, but it’s very cute, particularly the slippers!

We were also sent a super cute Fluffy Chick outfit set which comes with footless fleece outfit, shoes, dummy and – of course – a rubber duck for the bath.

Tiny Treasures Newborn Baby Doll review Argos (24)

Finally, we received this handy Travel & Feed set which is a transportable booster seat with pockets for the bottle, plate, spoon, fork and bib (included).

Tiny Treasures Newborn Doll Argos portable booster seat

It can be folded up and hung over a shoulder or buggy. It’s very similar to a real booster seat, clipping up around a chair so that your Tiny Treasures baby can sit at the table to be fed!

Tiny Treasures Newborn Doll Argos (15)

It’s easy to see why Tiny Treasures baby dolls are so popular.

Although they might not be ‘interactive’ like many dolls on the market which drink, pee, poo, move and chat they are good, high-quality, well-made old-fashioned baby dolls which children with a nurturing streak like my daughter will love to look after.

I particularly liked the baby powder smell – it took me all the way back to the baby dolls I had in the 80s!

There is an extensive range of clothes and accessories, which is great because lots of children (mine included) love dressing and undressing their babies. Our favourite is the duck outfit which is ridiculously cute. I would definitely dress a real life baby in that.

The accessories are each priced from £9.99. With the doll priced at £39.99, I think it would make a good special gift for a birthday or Christmas and could easily become a treasured toy.

We were sent this Tiny Treasures baby boy doll for the purposes of this review. All words and pictures are my own. Check out the Kid Kreations website here for more information!

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