Fancy a last minute holiday? Find out what’s popular with people of Kent!

Holidays & staycations

The summer holidays are upon us!

They’re at the same time every year so you think you’d be prepared but, sadly, no. You aren’t. And you’re not alone!

Suddenly, the reality of a spending a Great British summer at home has hit. Staycations may be OK but nothing beats jetting off into the sunset for guaranteed sunshine.

Google searches for last-minute holidays are up a whopping 269% from last month.


I don’t blame them to be honest. If I could afford it, I’d be out of here.

But where would I go?

You might be surprised to learn that different destinations appeal to different people; in fact where you live can dictate your choice of holiday!

Leading online travel agency loveholidays took a look at which destinations were popular with people from the counties of the UK.


So where are you most likely to bump into your neighbours?

Where we live in Kent, people are more likely to choose a last minute holiday to Greek Islands than people living anywhere else in the UK; I wouldn’t say no to be honest!

However if you live in Northern Ireland then it’s not a popular choice, with people from County Antrim, County Armagh and County Down being the least likely to go Greek.

The last international holidays I’ve taken were to the Balearics, but apparently I’m unusual as Kent residents are actually the least likely pick a holiday there! Mancunians however are mad for it, and are the most likely to visit Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza.


My dream destinations.

I’d love to visit Italy, if only for the wine and the food.

It’s a popular destination but most favoured among people from Berkshire, Hertfordshire, and Cardiff. Residents of Edinburgh, Hull, and West Yorkshire are less likely to feel ‘l’amore’.

The South of France is somewhere I’d like to visit. France is most popular among people living in London and the South West but far less popular among people living in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Yorkshire.

Provence-Alpes-Cote D’Azur region in Southern France - Grimaud, Roquebrune-sur-Argens and Frejus - Cote D'Azur/Bay of St Tropez areaPlaces to visit in France with kids

Credit: Anna Brown

I’ve never been on a long haul holiday, but I would love to visit the Carribean one day.

According to the travel trend finder, people from London are the most likely to visit St Lucia but the rest of the South East are the least likely. Oh well.

Barbados, another fantasy holiday destination, is most popular with people living in Manchester and London.


Christian Armond from loveholidays said, “There are still some great deals available for holidays this summer and we’re expecting even more last-minute bookings after the World Cup! This fun tool shows where people are booking from many of the UK’s cities and our easy to use website can help our customers find their perfect holiday by price, weather, board basis or budget rather than just location.”

The interactive travel trend finder can be found here.

Take a peek and see who you’re most likely to find at your favourite holiday destination!

This post was written in collaboration with loveholidays.

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