Poo-nicorns: Poomoji + unicorn = collectible plush toys and squishies

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‘Poo-nicorns?! Whatever next?’ I hear you ask.

There is something slightly odd, I feel, about the current nationwide obsession with the poomoji; after all, it’s poo, and poo isn’t exactly cute and cuddly (Trust me; I have a lot of experience in this arena). However I can’t deny that my youngest is somewhat poo-obsessed and loves everything poo-emoji themed.

My oldest is a little more discerning, much preferring unicorns which also seem to be everywhere.

It was only a matter of time before the two trends combined.

Meet the Poo-nicorns from Bandai!

Poo-nicorns Poonicorns plushiez dropiez squishiez (72)

Yep. They went there. 

Poo-nicorns come as plush toys in a variety of sizes as well as little blind-bagged squishiez. I knew that they would be a hit so offered to review them not really knowing what to expect.

When they arrived I was somewhat relieved. With the classic poomoji shaped curled-up poo with big eyes, the Poo-nicorns also have a yellow unicorn horn, multicoloured hair and big, three-toed feet.

Instead of the classic poomoji brown, they come in bright neon colours; green, blue, purple, orange and pink. They are definitely less gross and more cuddly!

The Poo-nicorns range

The Poo-nicorns range includes both plush and squishy toys:

Poo-nicorns Plushiez

I never dreamed I’d cuddle a poo, but here we are.

With large (25.5cm) and smaller (15cm) plush toys available, the prices are £12.99 for the bigger plush soft toys and £6.99 for the smaller ones.

Poonicorns - poo-nicorns plushiez

There are also 9cm hanging Plushiez which cost £3.99 each, these have a bag hook attached to them so they can attach to a backpack. We received a large and small Poo-nicorn plush in blue and a hanging plush soft toy in orange.

They’re all very similar in appearance with the bigger Plushiez having an embroidered ‘Poo-nicorns’ tag on their foot.

Poo-nicorns Poonicorns plushiez logo on foot

The largest Poo-nicorn was definitely a hit.

Big, soft and squishy, at this size they can even be used a bit like a neck pillow with the feet either side of your head!

Poo-nicorns Poonicorns plushiez dropiez squishiez (73)

Also available are 40cm Poo-nicorns pillows, which come without feet.


Poo-nicorns Poonicorns plushiez droplings droplingz squishiez (4)

If blind bags are more your (or your children’s) thing, the Droplings are bound to appeal. At 6.5cm, the Droplings hanging plush toys come inside a spotty plastic egg.

Costing £4.99 each you need to hatch the egg to see which Poo-nicorn you’ve got!

Our Droplings hatchling was a bright pink squishy Poo-nicorn.

Poo-nicorns Poonicorns plushiez droplings droplingz pink

The Droplings also have clips attached to them so you can use them as bag hangers. The eggs are re-usable should your Dropling want to stay inside!

Poo-nicons Squishiez

Poo-nicorns Poonicorns plushiez droplings

At £2.99 each, the smallest and collectible Poo-nicorns come in little plastic spheres which you can take apart and then use to display your Poo-nicorn Squishiez.

Poo-nicorns Poonicorns plushiez dropiez squishiez (19)

They are shrink wrapped so tightly that you’re going to need to get a pair of scissors on them before they’ll open.

Inside each one you’ll find a small rubber Poo-nicon complete with big eyes, big feet, horn and multicoloured hair.

Poo-nicorns Poonicorns squishiez (23)

As well as being quite squishy as the name suggests, they have holes in the bottom which mean you can also use them as pen toppers.

Poo-nicorns Poonicorns plushiez dropiez squishiez (61)

They come in five colours and each one is identical apart from the colour, so in terms of collecting the whole set I don’t think they’d appeal to kids as much as set with lots of characters.

Poo-nicorns Poonicorns plushiez squishiez (37)

However they make good pencil toppers and we were lucky to get four different Poo-nicorn Squishiez!

What did we think of Poo-nicorns?

They certainly appealed to my children in the way I suspected they would; especially the smallest Squishiez and the Droplings. I can’t envisage a future where my son in particular will stop finding poo hilarious.

They are priced well; my only reservation would be the limited number of collectible Squishiez and the fact that they’re all the same in appearance which means we wouldn’t buy any more.

Poo-nicorns are available from all good toy shops and online on Amazon. Find out more on the Poo-nicorns website here where you can also watch video episodes. Follow Bandai UK on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

We were sent these Poo-nicorns free of charge for the purposes of this review but words and pictures are my own.

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