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Have you ever jokingly said (perhaps half-jokingly) to your children: ‘Gosh, I wish you’d go back to school!’.

This usually occurs with frequency in the last week and a half of the summer holidays, when your children are bouncing from all walls in the house, apprehensive about the next academic year they face and excited about seeing their friends again. This funny statement that we make half out of love and half out of a desire for a little peace should not make you feel ashamed, it’s likely that your children feel it too, no matter how they protest.

It’s likely that this comes as a result of a sense of deflation. Your holiday abroad has likely been successful, you have managed to shop for all the school supplies, and now you just need to wait until the normality of the daily schedule swings back into things. However, there’s no reason that this week and a half sense of ennui needs to trouble you in the first instance. Preparing for the final weeks of the summer holidays in advance (they swing around much more quickly than you might have been expecting,) can help you avoid that half-joking statement we were destined to make.

These following activities will not only cap off the wonderful summer holidays for you and your kids but can help everyone blow off some steam during this apprehensive time:


A little celebration, colour and music are often needed to burst through the sense of drab responsibility cresting over the hill. You might consider heading to a musical, something that most people realise they do not enjoy enough after each wonderful visit. There’s almost no better manner of capturing the imagination of your child and finding an alternative and much more nourishing experience than the cinema. Musicals are visceral, they allow a child to feel expressive, and they’ll likely be singing to the soundtrack for weeks after.

Luckily for you, one of the hit shows, the musical Wicked in London is touring all summer, and for a fantastic entry price. This is truly one of the best experiences here. Consider bringing your elderly relative along, as they will also have fond memories of the Wizard of Oz and would certainly love to see it presented in this format.

A final relaxing break

It’s not hard to assume why children can become a little tense near the return to the school year. It might feel like you’re relaxing at home and recharging before this new school schedule (perhaps you are,) but sometimes you need to SUPER relax somewhere a little different to home. Look around you. Are there any businesses that offer a beautiful weekend away, somewhere you might camp or bring your motor camping vehicle? It might be that you take a weekend away and relax somewhere a little more peaceful than your previous holiday. For example, if you headed to a thriving resort during your main time away, now you may consider hiring a cottage in the country for one or two days, within a few hours driving distance of you.

This relaxing time, peacefully doing nothing in particular in a novel environment can help your children focus on something else aside from the upcoming school term start, and you can bond more as a family without the strain of days spent inside your usual home. What’s more is that near the end of the summer holidays, many small rental cottages or various services like this experience a dip in bookings, meaning that you might find a great deal if you look hard enough.


Peaceful hosting

Perhaps there are no better means for you to relax than to stay within your four walls, but to host a few novel events with a no-pressure attitude. For example, inviting around the family of your child’s best friend, or perhaps just their grandparents for a relaxing summer barbecue can work as an excellent method of bonding, help you all blow off some steam in the summer heat, while also mentally preparing for the upcoming term dates. Make the final week a celebration like this, and it can prevent children from feeling like the holidays have ended too soon, or prevent you feeling as though there was plenty of dead space there. It can all help, so be sure to consider the events most appropriate for you near this time.

In summary

To summarise, almost everyone is going to be tense during the final weeks of the summer holiday. With a mix of distraction, relaxation and socialising, you can avoid the anxious feelings of unhappiness and spend this time bonding more as a family. Until then, we wish you nothing but the best for the holidays that are coming.

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