Don’t waste this heatwave marathon summer!

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Here in the UK, we are experiencing a massive heatwave.

It’s going on and on and doesn’t seem like it will be stopping anytime soon. But it will, one day.

Before September arrives and the autumn takes over, we should all be using the summer to our best ability.

If you’re not from the UK, then you might not understand the normal summers we have here. Usually, there’s about a fortnight of blisteringly hot weather, and then it goes back to grey clouds and rain again. That’s pretty normal for a ‘summer’ around here. This year, however, it’s different; oh boy is it different.

It’s even going down in history as we speak. It all began on June 22nd, 2018. The heatwave has been going strong for over a month now. It’s caused some crops to fail, started a wildfire (which is extremely rare for our damp island) and unfortunately, it’s caused hosepipe bans in some areas.

We may not get anything like this again for a few years or more. So now is the time to get busy and really make an effort to enjoy the heat and sunshine; especially as a family.

Water Balloon fight!

It’s a simple game, much like a snowball fight except you throw harmless water bombs at each other.

Always buy the biodegradable latex water balloons as they won’t cause a mess in your garden, unlike conventional rubber ones.

Make it fun by making forts. It wouldn’t be as fun if it were just two teams standing off and throwing at each other. If you have some old furniture or cardboard boxes in your garage that you’re not using, bring them outside into the back garden.

Use deck chairs and tables as obstacles to hide behind. Think about an objective, such as capture the flag or item. One team defends and the other had to try and go behind enemy lines and capture it.

Fill up buckets of water balloons and place them around the garden. Just to make it more exciting, get blue and red balloons or two different and opposite colours only. This was the teams that throw inaccurately will lose on running out of balloons each game.

Smokey and charred

A barbecue, in summer? You know it makes sense!

Stainless steel gas bbq grillers are perhaps the best. They keep a constant level of heat throughout no matter if it rains or becomes windy. Modern barbecues come with maneuverability in mind since they will be used on the patio, so they have wheels at the bottom.

What better way to celebrate the summer than a nice succulent piece of grilled chicken? Sadly we sometimes we think just putting a bit of meat on the grill will do. You should try and make recipes that have been born for barbecues such as peri-peri Afro-Portuguese chicken. If you want a taste of Mexico, try out the sweet chipotle marinade grilled chicken recipe.

We’re in the midst of a heatwave marathon. For over a month the temperatures have been around 28+ degrees Celsius. They don’t look like cooling off soon, so don’t waste your chance to have fun in the garden this summer.

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