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My smallest turned three years old at the weekend.

Obviously I’ve been here before but it was a slightly different affair. When my oldest turned three, she’d just started at preschool. We didn’t really know enough people to make a party worthwhile, and fortunately parties weren’t really on her radar at that point.

Second children are a different thing altogether where birthdays are concerned.

Captain Fantastic Children's Entertainment Parties review (70)

They have seen double the number of birthdays go past (both theirs and their more practised older sibling) and they’ve probably been dragged along to a good number of birthday parties too.

He decided that he definitely really wanted a party for his birthday.

We were wondering whether we’d manage to pull it off at home when we were really lucky to be offered a Captain Fantastic party to review!

This took the pressure off somewhat; rather than trying to amuse a houseful of preschoolers I could get a hall and let someone else take charge.

Captain Fantastic Children's Entertainment Parties review (1)

Waiting for the party to begin…

We (obviously) chose the Superhero Party but Captain Fantastic Children’s Entertainment offer a variety of parties suitable from one to 11 years, from Princess Parties to Science Parties and discos (check out the full list of Captain Fantastic parties here).

The two-hour Captain Fantastic Superhero premium party includes a show, magic, balloons, music and 25 minutes for lunch. Oh, and bubbles!

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Having spoken to Kris, the owner, on the phone a few times before the party, he had helpfully advised me on a few party-planning aspects.

He suggested we got lunch boxes to make food easier and was very much anti-balloons, at least those unattached to walls, because they distract from the show and cause kids to run riot.

Anyway, we did as he suggested and got some fab lunchboxes in from Personalised Parties, which I’ll be reviewing separately.

Captain Fantastic Children's Entertainment Parties review (53)

We met at the hall half an hour before guests were due to arrive.

Kris – or Captain Fantastic – set up the backdrop and equipment whilst we put the lunch boxes and banners out to decorate the hall and get it party-ready.

Although my four year old is a big fan of audience participation and is an entertainer’s dream, her brother is more shy and makes them work hard for their money; I did wonder how he would take to it.

Captain Fantastic Children's Entertainment Parties review (26)

I needn’t have worried at all, as Captain Fantastic had him hooked from the start.

Although it was a tough crowd, with the majority of children being towards the younger end of the age bracket for the show (which is suitable from 3-7 years), Captain Fantastic was skilled at getting them all involved and my shy little boy was even happy to sit at the front!

Captain Fantastic Children's Entertainment Parties review (21)

It didn’t take long before even the youngest party goers were joining in with the games and the dancing.

They even sat nicely, enthralled by the magic and the monkey puppet, and danced through the bubbles and snow storm. Kris is clearly a natural entertainer and kept both the children and the adults thoroughly entertained.

Captain Fantastic Children's Entertainment Parties review - monkey puppet

The two-hour party went by in a flash.

The children looked happy (and rather sweaty – it was very hot though!) and they all got to leave with a balloon animal; a lovely touch!

The birthday boy and girl (we had a joint party) both got a CD too which we were made to listen to on the way home.

Captain Fantastic Children's Entertainment Parties review (90)

All the parents seemed to have a smile on their face too, and everyone I spoke to – even the grandparents who’d been put on tea making duty – had enjoyed it.

Thanks so much to Kris and Captain Fantastic for giving my little boy a really special third birthday, which was given to us for free for the purposes of this review!

You can find our more about Captain Fantastic children’s entertainment here, they’re also on Facebook and Twitter.

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