5 Akoya Pearl accessories you need to wear this season

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The world’s most elegant women have been adorning themselves with pearls for centuries. The main appeal behind them is that they suit almost every occasion, as the former First Lady of the United States, Jackie Kennedy, once observed. Due to its unique glisten, the Japanese Akoya variety is one of the most sought-after type of pearl on the market.

It’s no secret that Japanese Akoya pearls used to be a rare find among jewelry collectors. However, thanks to websites such as PearlsOnly, you can buy Japanese Akoya pearls online, either in their loose form, or set in gorgeous silver or gold. Here are the five accessories you simply need to incorporate into your wardrobe right now.

1. Jodie Cultured Pearl Earrings

The easiest way to freshen up your wardrobe with a set of pearls is by adding a pair of earrings into the mix. The Jodie Cultured Pearl Earring Pair is perfect for every occasion, as it consists of two beautiful 6-7mm Japanese Akoya pearls set in a stunning .925 sterling silver ensemble.

Whether you’re going to work, a formal dinner, or a soiree, you will stand out immediately. What is more, the pearls come in both black and white, so you can cater to your style.

2. Jennifer Cultured Pearl Pendant

Alongside a classic men’s style watch, hoop earrings, and a few other timeless pieces, a pearl necklace is an indispensable piece in the jewelry arsenal of any elegant woman. If Japanese Akoya pearls are your cup of tea, then you definitely need the Jennifer Cultured Pearl Pendant.

Unlike a classic strand of pearls, this single pendant encrusted in .925 sterling silver hangs beautifully from any chain of your choice. It comes in both black and white, and its unique design resembles a glistening fish hook for a touch of individuality.

3. Caroline Cultured Pearl Ring

Besides dainty earrings and pendants, rings are a great way to incorporate the elegance of pearls in your day to day outfits. The Caroline Cultured Pearl Ring sold by PearlsOnly stands out with its statement 7-8mm Akoya that comes in both black and white color variants.

And because the Japanese Akoya pearl is set on an elegant 14K white gold band, it makes for the perfect engagement ring as well. Therefore, if you want your love story to stand out and shine, you can’t go wrong with the Caroline.

4. Mayra Cultured Pearl Bracelet

If the bracelet is your accessory of choice, then you simply must get the Mayra Cultured Pearl Bracelet. It consists of two exquisite rows of 6-7mm Japanese Akoya pearls stringed along a double knotted fine silk thread, which puts it one step above classic models. And their naturally polished surface gives off the most superb glisten, which is a huge plus.

5. Tin Cup Cultured Pearl Set

Finally, for the woman who prefers her jewellery in sets, there is the Tin Cup Cultured Pearl Set. It consists of a beautiful necklace paired with a matching earring set that has delicate 6-7mm Japanese Akoya pearls set on 14K yellow gold. The delicate chain allows the necklace to follow the natural contours of the body, while the earrings dangle stunningly and shine.

The bottom line

Japanese Akoya pearls have a delicate glisten to them that makes them the perfect addition to your jewellery wardrobe. Any of the five accessories reviewed above are worth considering, as they cater to very specific aesthetic needs. So, which one will you choose?


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