6 ideas for a childfree weekend as a couple

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Far and few between, and oh so precious; the couple’s childfree weekend.

If you’re lucky enough to have one, then you really shouldn’t waste it.

But how to spend it?!

It can be tempting to spend a weekend sans kids getting the house in order. There is always DIY to be done, a garden to work on, jobs to do and children get in the way; it’s much quicker to do it when they’re not there.

But is that really what you want to do with this time?

1. Go to a hotel

You don’t want to constantly feel like you should be doing chores and for that precise reason I would suggest getting out of the house for the weekend.

And don’t just go down the road – if you can find somewhere a few hours away with different sights and sounds you’ll be able to truly appreciate that holiday feeling. Plus, a hotel in the north is likely to be a lot cheaper than one in the south. It’s definitely worth looking on last minute deals websites as some will offer great bargains.

2. Get pampered

If you’re a fan of being pampered then check out the Groupon massage deals in Manchester. If you’re willing to travel and be flexible, you can often get a hotel room, treatments, use of the spa and food thrown in for one bargain price!

3. Remember what you used to enjoy

If that’s a bit outside your budget, or you would prefer to stay local, then spend some time reminiscing about the things you used to do which you don’t any more.

We used to have passes for the cinema and go as many times as we could, so how about booking some cinema tickets and going on a date night to the cinema? If you enjoyed walking the dog before kids came along, find a nice long and buggy unfriendly walking route. Have a pub lunch. Be spontaneous.

Or stay in bed, order pizza and watch TV. Up to you!

Pizza in bed

4. Go for a meal out

Once again if money is tight you can get great deals by checking online. Make sure you book so that you aren’t tempted to stay in just because it’s easy because you can do that any night of the week!

Get dressed up – like you used to when you were dating – and do your hair without a small person coming in and trying to burn themselves on your hair straighteners. You’ll have a great time once you’re out (probably).

Ideas for a child free weekend as a couple - go for a meal

5. Enjoy talking

Night after night of watching the TV side by side can mean you forget how to talk to your partner. Leave your mobile at home if you can face it, or leave it in your bag, and just go out to the pub and chat. Laugh.

Try not to spend the whole time talking about what the children might be doing. Just don’t overdo it on the drinks, because a glorious child-free lie in just isn’t the same with a huge hangover!

6. Sleep

Remember to make sure the alarms are turned off. Put blankets up over the curtains to block out the light. Perhaps even go to different bedrooms if you can and SLEEP like the world depends on it. Sleep like you haven’t slept in years.

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