Three checks to do before buying a family car


Buying a family car is a very different process to any other car buying experience. There are areas to consider that may never have occurred to you when you were choosing your trusty city car that was reliable and easily got you to the office. If you are thinking of getting a new car for the whole family, here are three important things to think about before you buy.


Car safety is always important, but this moves up a gear when you are travelling with the kids. With more bodies in the car to protect, it is so important to make sure the car you choose meets the highest safety standards.

You can do this by checking the Euro NCAP rating. This is the five-star system that has been designed as a quick-look gauge of how safe every car would be in a crash. More cars are introducing safety tech such as autonomous emergency braking and hill start assist to gain more stars. While this can add to the price tag, these features are a worthy investment when it comes to keeping everyone safe.


Another major factor you will need to consider is how roomy the car is. Everything from prams and child seats to change bags and the weekly shop need to fit. If you have more than one child, a dinky three-door might be a squeeze. Clever storage is something to look out for, too. Pockets on the back of seats and built-in boxes can make all the difference.

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How reliable the car is also important. Whether you want a brand-new one or a used model, it is important that it performs well.

Check how it handles different roads, especially if you would like it to be the car you travel in on your staycation around the Lake District. There’s nothing worse than packing up the car only to have to call for breakdown assistance before you’ve left your street. You can do this check by looking at the stats for that model.

Reliability also covers the car’s past. If the one you have in mind has had a previous owner, it is well worth checking its history to see if it has been in any accidents or there are any issues around outstanding finance. If it is missing anything crucial, you need to know before you hand over your cash.

Before you hand over your cash, do your research and consider these points so that the whole family is kept happy. It can make the drive so much smoother.

Are you buying a new car to fit in the kids, your mother-in-law and the kitchen sink? Let us know in the comments below how the buying process goes!

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