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After a long wet winter and a disappointing spring, it’s a relief that summer is peeking around the corner at last!

We’ve been celebrating in the garden with the help of Thatchers Family Reserve Somerset sparkling apple wine.

It may not seem like something worth celebrating, maybe, but it’s been a really long time since we were able to spend time in our garden, and not just because of the long, dismal winter.

Six years ago, our garden was pretty well loved.

Since moving in we’d worked hard to change the patch beyond the decking from waist-high grass and weeds, to something usable, functional and – especially in the summer when the roses bloomed – pretty too.

Over the next few years we made vegetable patches and grew our own fruit and veg. We planted shrubs, apple trees and flowers.

Thatchers Family Reserve - Sparkling apple wine (img2)

With help from friends, we laid a patio so that we could share a bottle of wine catching the last of the evening sun with the scent of roses hanging in the air, or have afternoon barbecues accompanied by ice cold cider.

And then, as it does, life took over.

The following year, I was pregnant with my first child and the desire to tend to vegetables waned as it became increasingly hard to see my own feet.

Then my baby had been born and all eyes were on her as she crawled around putting bugs into her mouth. Meanwhile, the vegetable patches grew over with weeds, and we admitted defeat and dug them out.

The year after that, I had a brand new, teeny tiny baby, born on the hottest day of the year. With two under two, there was very little time for…well, anything. Evenings spent in the garden were traded with late nights spent pacing up and down our bedroom to the sound of a baby crying.

Thatchers Family Reserve with flowers from the garden

I can’t say it was much easier the following year as he turned one. He was already running about the place and could not be trusted for a second. Garden tools were not safe to have around; the garden kept growing and overgrowing.

The next year, the garden became impossible to get into as we underwent a pretty substantial house extension.

But this year, the house is finally done.

Our new family room has huge doors which open straight onto the garden, and after weekends of hacking back the weeds, the garden is usable once again.

It’s far from perfect, the lawn may be patchy and it may be overrun with plastic toys… but we can get out and enjoy it again, after six years.

It’s definitely cause for celebration!

Thatchers Family Reserve - Somerset sparkling apple wine (edit)

It’s a real treat to be able to sit outside, beneath our own apple trees, listening to the birdsong.

This time last year, I never thought we’d get here.

Thatchers Family Reserve Somerset sparkling apple wine is the perfect way to toast a job well done.

To welcome in this new chapter in our lives; a house and garden we love. Children who (generally) go to bed on time.

Made from Katy apples, Thatcher’s Family Reserve it is a refreshing and unusual sparkling wine with a distinctive flavour. If I had to describe it, it would be a delicious cross between cider and traditional sparkling wine.

Thatchers Family Reserve - Sparling apple wine

Thatchers Family Reserve sparkling wine would make a lovely summery treat for a party or picnic.

A delightful and delicate champagne cider, it is certainly a brilliant crisp and fizzy accompaniment to light evenings spent in the garden; and the hope of many more to come.

This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Thatchers Family Reserve Somerset sparkling apple wine; words, images and opinions are my own.

For more information please see the Thatchers website.

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