Swizzels Sweetest Invention – invent your perfect sweet!

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Dig a Drumstick? Potty for Parma Violets (yurgh)? Er…Love Love Hearts?

If you have a sweet tooth, then you need to enter Swizzels Sweetest Invention!

To celebrate 90 years of Swizzels sweets, the British sweetmakers are running a a competition to find a brand new sweet which will then be turned into a reality.

Swizzels Sweetest Invention - invent your perfect sweet!

Get your inventing hat (or your apron!) on and get thinking – or cooking. Four submitted sweet creations will be shortlisted by the Swizzels judges, and then these four will be voted on by the public.

The most popular sweet treat will get made, and not just that; one lucky winner will be given the chance to visit the Swizzels sweet factory in Derbyshire to see their sweet invention being brought to life. I imagine it to be very much like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, perhaps without the huge gaps in health and safety and Oompa Loompas.

How to enter the Swizzels Sweetest Invention competition!

Go to the Swizzels website.

Swizzels screencap 1

There’s a form to fill out where you can tell the judges all about your amazing sweet creation. You need to think of a snappy name, what kind of sweet it is, the flavour, the packaging and any other important details.

You can even upload a picture if you have a vision and some artistic talent!

Swizzels screencap 2

So what would my Swizzels Sweetest Invention look like?

My favourite Swizzels sweets are Love Hearts…. or maybe Refresher Bars but I don’t really like the chews; they’re….too chewy. I like the ones that shatter in your mouth, pull your teeth out and then make your tongue fizz. Maybe if I were more inventive I would be able to think of a way to combine the two, perhaps a lolly with a hard outside and Love Hearts or popping candy in the centre.

There’s definitely something I don’t like, but apparently my children disagree!

What would your ideal sweet be like?

Tell me in the comments and then pop along to Swizzels Sweetest Invention  to share your invention with them and it might just come true! Alternatively you can let your imagination run wild and use the hashtag #MySwizzels on social media.

We were sent a bunch of Swizzels sweets in exchange for this post!

Agree? Disagree? Never felt so much unbridled rage? Leave a comment!

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