Protecting your family car


Protecting your new car once you are on the road with aftersales care products can add an extra layer of defence should something go wrong. When your new car is being used for the whole family and tasked with everything from the school run to treks across the UK, these post-sales products are the ultimate way to get some peace of mind.

Before you load the kids into the family car consider some of these added extras.


A car warranty can run up to five years, so it covers a lot of time in the life of a family car. It is a type of insurance policy that covers all or some of the costs if there is a malfunction, should the car have been properly maintained over the years.

With a warranty, how much is covered depends on the policy. Entitlement limits and conditions play a big part in deciding how much of the costs can be claimed. Most new cars have warranties that come as standard, while used cars might need a separate warranty.

No matter the model or make of your car, should you need a Ford warranty or one for another make, it is worth getting one if you want to avoid huge repair bills.

GAP insurance

Your car will lose value over time. GAP insurance, or Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance, literally bridges the gap in the costs should your car be a total loss after a fire, theft, accident or other similar incident. To avoid only being paid the market value for what it is worth when it is stolen, for example, GAP insurance can cover some of that financial loss.

roadside assistance

Breakdown cover

Having your car break down on a long journey is the biggest nightmare. Add in the kids who are fed up of travelling anyway and you have a major headache on your hands. To alleviate this, it is well worth taking out breakdown cover before you set off. With this cover including things like towing options and roadside protection, it makes sense to take this out before anything can go wrong.


Getting your car serviced isn’t a legal requirement, but it is worth having it checked over between MOT tests to make sure it is ticking over nicely. You need it to be at its best if you are working it hard, and family cars especially work hard to get around the map, so it is good to give it some TLC.

Plenty of local garages can offer servicing options, and some provide genuine replacement parts and other aftercare options. It is well worth asking to see what else is available.

Do you want to add extra layers of protection to your family car? Have you been inspired to invest in one of these ideas?

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