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According to a recent survey by Sudocrem, kids are losing touch with nature as they spend more time than ever inside.

Apparently the average child in Britain spends just 4 hours playing outside each week, but 45 in front of a screen!

The benefits of outdoor play are well documented; it’s great for kids to spend time outside not only for the fresh air and exercise (and the fact that there is then less tidying to do inside) but for building the immune system and of course providing good old vitamin D.

The even more shocking finding was that 89% of 4-8 year olds couldn’t recognise a butterfly and over half didn’t know what a bumblebee looked like!

Chris Packham - Play More Sudocrem campaign

In a bid to get kids and their parents back into the great outdoors and exploring the natural environment, Sudocrem have set up the Play More campaign.

Play More ambassador Chris Packham, known to me and probably others my age who are still maintaining they’re too young for Spring Watch as ‘the bloke off the Really Wild Show that wasn’t Terry Nutkins’, is working with Sudocrem.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage children to get outside and discover nature, look under rocks for creepy crawlies and go pond dipping like we did in the good old days (I half jest… but that’s actually what I spent my weekends doing as a kid).

Of course bumps and scrapes are all part of the outdoor experience, particularly when your children have inherited your clumsy gene as mine have, and that’s where Sudocrem antiseptic healing cream can come in very handy. It’s not just for nappy rash and we always have some in the cupboard.

Play More campaign: Nominate your nursery

As part of the campaign, which has been running now for three years, Sudocrem are providing nurseries with support to improve their outdoor play areas or a mural, which will be painted by award-winning artist, Joy Pirkle. If you think you know a nursery that deserves to win, you can nominate them on the ‘Play More’ tab here.

Entries close on 31st August, and nurseries must be based in the UK. Full terms can be found on the site.

Sudocrem have also put together adventure kits to encourage children to play outside, look for creepy crawlies and discover the nature at their fingertips.

Each kit is worth £40.00 and includes a Play More t-shirt, sun hat, a bug pot, a frisbee, a butterfly net, magnifying glass and a trowel or fork.  There are also instructions for building your own bug hotel.

Play More Give away Box V3


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WIN! A Sudocrem Play More adventure kit (worth £40)

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