Party Popteenies: Collectibles with a twist (and a pop!)

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The bigger children get, the smaller their toys get. The smallest of all are collectibles which are insanely popular.

Party Popteenies are the latest collectable sensation from Spinmaster and we were sent some to review!

Like most collectibles, who you get is a mystery! Unlike other blind bagged collectibles though, the way that you open them is a huge part of the fun.

Party Popteenies Lily & Riley

Popteenies are hidden inside plastic party poppers complete with confetti and sparkles. Twist the party popper to pop them open and see which Popteenie you’ve got.

You can see the full list of Popteenies on the insert inside each one:

Popteenies checklist insert list of characters

There are eight Party Popteenies girls; Violet, Lily, Riley, Mai, Sophie, Bella, Hayden and Ava. There are three different sets; Cutie Animal Surprise, Rainbow Unicorn Surprise and Winter Wonderland Surprise which has an extra special mystery character, Cassidy who comes in a special Poptastic Party Playset!

So how do you open a Party Popteenie?

There are different types of Party Popteenies that you can get.

Party Popteenies Surprise Popper (£4.99)

Popteenies collectibles

First, you have to unwrap your single Surprise Party Popteenies. Children will need an adult’s help with this – and I’d advise a pair of scissors!.

Once unwrapped, the arrows will show you which way to twist your Party Popteenie to make her pop with a mini confetti explosion!

Twist your Popteenie to take her off the popper and play with her!

Party Popteenies - opening Lily

After popping, remove the purple end cap which hides a surprise gift and hair accessory for your Popteenie.

Even the confetti – which contains sparkles and cute little designs – can be reused to bring the Popteenies party to life!

Popteenies confetti

Double Surprise Popper (£9.99)

Popteenies collectibles Double popper

The Double Surprise Popper has two surprises to pop, including a special glitter edition Popteenie doll and an accessory.

Popteenies collectibles

We popped Cutie Animal Surprise Lily with a glittery dress and matching headband, with a cake to take to her party!

Also inside the tube is party decor and stickers. This is what was inside our Party Popteenies Double Surprise Popper – she has a party hat and blower, some cans (of beer, according to my four year old) and a pet monkey!

Popteenies collectibles

Party Surprise Box (£14.99)

Popteenies collectibles party playset

The Party Surprise box is a cute playset inside a cardboard box which looks like a present!

When it’s closed, you can see a sneaky peek inside of Cutie Animal Hayden and a mini confetti popper. You don’t get a Popteenies Popper with this kit!

Popteenies collectibles Party Play Set

When you open up the box there is furniture – a chair, a cabinet and a dressing table – and nine surprises to open.

Here are some of the surprises that we got inside our Popteenies Party Surprise Box!

Once you’ve opened the surprises you can use the box to make a party and pop the confetti popper over and again.

What did we think of Party Popteenies?

My daughter and her friends thought that they were so much fun! The popping confetti makes them totally different to other small collectible dolls. The miniature dolls themselves and their accessories were really cute and will definitely get played with.

Popteenies collectibles

Some of the accessories, particularly the ones from the Party Surprise Box are really small. I would definitely agree that Popteenies are for children ages 4+ and no younger.

Personally I’d prefer it if you could re-use the Party Poppers. As with a lot of kids’ toys there is a lot left over to go into the bin at the end. I’ll definitely be looking out for some ideas to re-use the popping tubes.

Party Popteenies

However this aside, I have no doubt that Party Popteenies will be insanely popular with young children like my daughter. She loves the little outfits and accessories and already has her eye on the Poptastic Playset.

Party Popteenies would make fabulous party favours in place of a party bag and popping them would add to the party atmosphere!

You can buy Party Popteenies from all good toy shops from the 6th July. To find out more and watch the Popteenies music video (you will get it stuck in your head though, mark my words!) go here!

We received these Party Popteenies for free for the purposes of this review, but all words and pictures are my own.

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