Micro Trike review: Could the newest toddler trike replace a buggy?

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The Micro Trike is a brand new idea from the makers of the Mini Micro Scooter.

We were lucky enough to be sent our very own blue Micro Trike to test out and review.

The Micro Trike is very different to your usual trike aimed at toddlers. Although it has three wheels, it’s not actually a tricycle as it doesn’t have pedals so can’t be ridden independently by a child able to do so.

The idea behind the Micro Trike is that it can be used to push a toddler along instead of having to take (and persuade them to get into) a buggy. An exciting prospect indeed – so was it any good?

Micro Trike review test

What is different about the Micro Trike?

It’s far less bulky than its most similar competitors on the market such as the SmarTrike or V-Tech 5-in-1 trike.

Unlike these, which are made from metal and plastic and take up a lot of room, with a push of a lever under the seat, you lift the seat up, it clips into place and it folds up for easy storage. Its aluminium frame means that it weighs just 1.9kg so can easily be carried or hung from a coat hook out of the way! Hallelujah.

Micro Trike review test

Using the Micro Trike

Pushing the Micro Trike and manoeuvring it around is much easier than any other trike I’ve used because it is so lightweight. It is designed to be pushed with one hand so beats a buggy if you need to carry things, walk a dog or hold the hand of another child.

The handle swivels and it’s directly connected to the front wheel to make changing the direction a breeze. Even my four year old could push her younger brother on it.

Micro Trike review test

It handles bumpy ground OK and can even be pushed across grass (but I would recommend a flat path if you can!). The only difficulty is if you need to cross the road without dropped curbs, as it is tricky to get the three wheeled trike up and down and you may need to get your child off and on again. Dropped curbs are handled OK if you tilt the trike slightly.

What did we like about the Micro Trike?

It folds so compactly it’s brilliant for small spaces or to chuck in the car boot.

Micro Trike in blue - a review

The trike is absolutely perfect for taking younger siblings on the school run or popping out to the shops or to post a letter if they aren’t keen on a buggy and you don’t have an hour to get ten minutes down the road.

If you’re used to them getting bored of their scooter and demanding to be carried half way down the road, then the Micro Trike could be a saviour!

Micro Trike review test

Because it folds flat, and the handle can be pushed right in, it’s easier to carry than a scooter should they decide they want to walk after all.

I honestly wish we’d had one a year ago when my son went through his ‘not getting in the buggy’ phase but hadn’t quite got the hang of scooting, usually leaving me carrying both him and his scooter on the school run.

The recommended age is 18m and there are seatbelts included for younger kids. However it’s still very handy and with an upper weight limit of 20kg it will be in use for a long time to come!

It certainly gained a lot of attention from other parents as they’d never seen anything like it before. I predict that these will be huge, they’re just so very handy.

Micro Trike review test

The Micro Trike has an RRP of £74.99 and can be purchased direct from the Micro Scooter website or via Amazon using the links below.

Currently the Micro Trikes are only available in blue, pink, white and black but I’d bet my bottom dollar that should they become as popular as I imagine they will be that there will be a load of new funky colours in the pipeline.

We were sent this Micro Trike to test free of charge, but the words and pictures are all mine!

Micro Trike in blue - a review

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