Little Live Bizzy Bubs review: Walking, crawling, talking busy babies!

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Little Live Bizzy Bubs are the newest toys in the Little Live range from Moose Toys.

Little Live Bizzy Bubs are cute little baby dolls with colourful hair that gurgle, toddler, crawl or play peekaboo when you press the button on their nappy.

We were sent a selection to test out and were asked to hold a ‘Bizzy Bubs’ party to introduce them to some of our friends!

Little Live Bizzy Bubs walking talking dolls

How to operate Little Live Bizzy Bubs

Gracie and Swirlee, who come with accessories (carrier and crib), have three modes – test, off and on.

The other babies which come without additional accessories just have an on/off switch. This is located on their back or belly button if they’re a crawler.

Little Live Bizzy Bubs walking talking dolls - on/off switch

They come with 4 x LR44 cell batteries, and these can be changed by opening up the battery compartment can be found under their hair.

This is also where the speaker is, so check that the hair is put on properly or it might muffle the sounds.

Little Live Bizzy Bubs walking talking dolls - battery compartment

Each of the Bizzy Bubs has a unique action which they’ll perform if you press the button on the front (or back, in the case of the crawling Bizzy Bubs).

They come with a bottle and a dummy which you can put in your Bizzy Bubs’ mouth to feed it or help it go to sleep.


Gracie is a pink-haired blue-eyed Little Live Bizzie Bubs baby who bounces away happily in her crib.

Bizzy Bubs Gracie

When you press the button on her nappy, she makes cute little baby noises and chatters as she jumps up and down. She even sings, and giggles if you press her button three times in a row.

Put the bottle in her mouth and she’ll make a slurping sound – put her dummy in and lay her down, and she will go to sleep, just like a real baby (but one that sleeps, so not really).

Gracie Bizzy Bubs


Swirlee has bright blue hair clipped with a pink ice cream cone. She comes with a cute carrier which she fits into.

Swirlee Bizzy Bubs

When her diaper button is pressed, Swirlee rocks from side to side and plays peekaboo by covering her eyes with her hands and sings.

She also giggles and drinks, and sucks on her dummy.

Little Live Bizzy Bubs walking talking dolls - peekaboo Swirlee

Other Little Live Bizzy Bubs include the crawling Primmy, blue haired crawling Poppy, and walking Polly Petals and Snowbeam.

Primmy Little Live Bizzy Bubs walking talking dolls (75)

What did we think of Little Live Bizzy Bubs?

Our first Gracie doll didn’t work properly and was replaced. 4 times out of 5, the doll didn’t respond when the button was pressed. The other Bizzy Bubs however worked fine.

Although I am sure this was just a bump in transit and bad luck on our part, I would suggest that if you’re buying from a shop, check that the doll works in demo mode if you can before purchase.

Little Live Bizzy Bubs walking talking dolls (111)

The Bizzy Bubs dolls are cute, and our little panel of happy testers enjoyed playing with them and making them sing and do their actions, and seeing what different things they could do. They are a nice size for children to play with and won’t take up too much room!

Swapping the hair around seemed to be the favoured game; I think that possibly there would be more play potential if they had changeable nappies too. Changing their clothes is my daughter’s favourite thing to do with dolls and therefore I wonder how much time she will spend playing with her Bizzy Bubs doll once the novelty has won off.

Little Live Bizzy Bubs crawling dolls (184)

Lastly, the bottle and dummy, which are needed to make the doll suck and sleep, are quite small and if not looked after will go missing. The recommended age for the Little Live Bizzy Bubs is 5 and let’s face it, five year olds aren’t great at keeping things together, younger kids (who this doll will definitely appeal to) even less so. If you know your child loses things, or if they have a young sibling who likes to put things in their mouth, then I would recommend you keep them to one side!

The single Little Live Bizzy Bubs dolls have an RRP of £14.99 and the playsets have an RRP of £22.99.

Bizzy Bubs are out now in all good toy stores or can be bought direct from or Amazon (links below). Compared to a lot of similar and perhaps bigger interactive dolls, the price point is lower making Bizzy Bubs more accessible as a gift.

Little Live Bizzy Bubs baby shower

You can find out more about Bizzy Bubs on the website here.

We received these Little Live Busy Bubs free for the purposes of this review but words and pictures are mine.

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