How to buy your first family car


Your first family car is a major investment, not only financially, but also for every family member. From ferrying the kids to after-school activities to heading across the map for a staycation, you need a car that can stand the test of time as well as the school run.

To make sure you are choosing the car that ticks all the boxes, follow these buying tips.

What about the future?

A major consideration before you set foot in a showroom is how big your car needs to be. If you are staying as a one-child family, the size of the car you want will be different to one for a family of four. Having an idea of how many children you want to have before you buy means you can purchase a car that will accommodate everyone five years from now.

Do your research

Once you know who it is for, read up on the one you have in mind. Look at every detail to make sure it is meeting the criteria for a trustworthy family car.

What safety features are there and how high is its Euro NCAP safety rating? Is it cost-effective when it comes to fuel consumption? If you’re thinking of going for a second-hand car, what’s the mileage? What makes one model a perfect car for one family doesn’t mean it will be the right fit for yours, so it’s important to find answers these questions first.

Whether you know the car you think you want and want to research that or you’re torn between a few options, run through the checklist to whittle it down to the one that works.

Take someone with you

There is safety in numbers when it comes to car buying. It needn’t be your partner, although as a car is such a big investment for the family, having both of you there at the dealership can help to narrow down your options based on your needs. The other person can ask the questions you might not have thought of and offer another opinion.

testing car

Ask questions

No matter the model and make, whether it’s a new car or you’ve opted for a second-hand one it is important to ask as many questions as possible before you hand over your cash. These questions will probably be slightly different to those you’d ask when buying any other car because you need it to be suitable for every family member.

By choosing motoring companies such as PG Motors, you will have every query answered before you buy. The sales teams want to ensure drivers are purchasing the car that works best for them and will talk through every detail beforehand.

What are the practical features?

If you have your heart set on a particular family car and all of your questions have been answered, now is the time to take it for a test drive. Not only will you gauge how it handles the roads, you will also work out any additional features your car needs in order for it to work for you.

These can be anything from roof racks and tow bars to storage space and room for child seats. While you can be given this information before you get behind the wheel, it is only when you are doing the drive in real time that you will realise you need more space for the pram.

If your car ticks all the boxes after you’ve followed these tips, then get buying! If you’re getting your first family car, let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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