Hotter Shoes Sol sandals: Put your best foot forward this summer

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I was first introduced to Hotter Shoes a few years ago, when I went along to a Blogger event at their new store in Maidstone. I tried on about thirty pairs of sandals, none of which seems right for my clearly misshapen feet until I tried on the Sol sandals in white.

The Sol gladiator-style sandal is made from soft leather with a comfortable lightweight sole.

Hotter Sol Sandals in gold

Unlike a lot of sandals, it has adjustable straps around the ankle and three more across the toes, so they fit any foot like a dream. They even come in extra wide sizes as well as standard width fittings.

I wore my white Sol sandals almost every day that summer, and the next. They have survived all manner of abuse, walked miles and although they’re pretty filthy, what with being white (the most foolish of colours for a parent to wear), they’re still comfy as anything!

At #BlogOnX I was given a pair of Hotter Shoes to review and I thought why not stick with what I know, and get a replacement pair in a different colour. That’s me all over really, I find something I like and I get it in every colour.

The Hotter Shoes Sol sandals come in blue, red, gold, black, brown and nude as well as white.

They can be bought in half sizes as well as full sizes, which (as someone who is between sizes) is one of the reasons I love Hotter Shoes.

I went for the gold pair, as it seems to be the colour of the season, and I thought they would be perfect to wear with most colours as well as for more special occasions.

Hotter Sol sandals in gold

How did they fare?

Wearing a brand new pair of sandals for the first time on a day trip to Leeds Castle which involves a lot of walking on the hottest day of the year would probably be a bit optimistic for any other brand of shoe, and would probably leave you with blisters and aching feet. Maybe surprisingly, I found that my new Hotter Sol sandals were just as comfortable as my two-year old worn in and much loved sandals.

That’s one of the reasons I just love Hotter Shoes. I can’t be dealing with achy feet when I have to run after the kids, or having to break shoes in whilst wearing plasters all over my feet. Don’t your feet deserve to be comfy?!

These Sol sandals cost £65 and the fact that my previous pair have lasted so long (and will continue to be worn frequently) makes them well worth it in my eyes! You can buy Hotter Shoes in any of their high street shops or online on the Hotter Website here. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

I was gifted this pair for the purposes of this review but I do love them and all words are mine.

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