Hey Diddle Diddle chicken and corn dog food: A review

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Our dog Riker is happy and healthy on a diet of dog kibble.

We’ve looked into other foods but I’m afraid raw feeding isn’t for us for a lot of reasons, so he has two meals of kibble a day (plus whatever he can steal from the counters or bin. He is a lurcher after all).

However as you’ll no doubt be aware, not all dog kibble is equal.

Hey Diddle Diddle dog food

Obviously picking a kibble very much depends on your dog and their preference, as well as your budget. We had previously selected our brand based on the best rated food we could afford, but recently he has started leaving a lot of it and doing more bin diving. Perhaps he has decided he doesn’t like it, or maybe he’s just bored and wants a change.

When I was asked to review Hey Diddle Diddle, a dog food made from over 50% chicken, I thought it would be worth a try.

Our current brand, although well rated on comparison websites, contains half of that meat content and it is a general rule of thumb that the more meat included in the food, the better it is.

This is the list of ingredients on the packet:

Hey Diddle Diddle dog food

Ingredients of Hey Diddle Diddle chicken and corn dog food

There is 26% fresh chicken with an additional 26% chicken meat meal which means over half of the dog food is chicken with 16% maize (corn). The jury is out on whether corn is actually good or bad for dogs with arguments on both sides. However it is formulated without any added wheat, soya, pork, dairy or egg which can be upsetting to dogs’ stomachs.

I’m not sure how I feel about added sodium chloride in dog food. This is essentially added salt, because like humans, dogs like the taste, and it’s quite common to have it added in dog food (they do need a certain % in their diet) but it’s essential that they have water available to them.

I had no idea what Yucca was for; apparently this helps improve the smell of their poo. I do not believe that for a second…

However over all, the composition seemed as good as the one we use already which is well rated, and a lot better than some others on the market, so we gave it a spin.

What did our dog think of Hey Diddle Diddle dog food?

Obviously you cannot just switch a food overnight without potentially upsetting your dog’s stomach.

Although Riker is pretty hardcore and eats anything he can get his silly paws on, I still don’t want to end up with a poorly dog so we mixed increasing amounts of the new food with the old kibble over one week.

It seemed to go down very well; at least none was left, and he didn’t suffer from any ill effects.

On the third day, we mixed 75g of Hey Diddle Diddle kibble with the same amount of our usual kibble (he gets fed twice a day)

Hey Diddle Diddle Dog Food (27)

The Hey Diddle Diddle kibble is the smaller, lighter kibble on the left.

Hey Diddle Diddle Dog Food (27)

So what did my dog think of Hey Diddle Diddle kibble?

Hey Diddle Diddle Dog Food (10)

Well he definitely showed his preference as this is what was left!

Hey Diddle Diddle Dog Food (24)

He ate it up without hesitation.

It didn’t give him any kind of stomach upset and we’re now on our second packet. He’s eaten it all and he’s not actually been in the bin since although I’d still not trust him enough to leave a cooked chicken on the side.

Hey Diddle Diddle Dog Food - what did my dog think? Review!

And did his poo smell of roses?

No. No it did not.

We were sent this Hey Diddle Diddle kibble free of charge for the purposes of this review but words and pictures are mine. You will be able to buy it from Tesco. Pop over to their website for more details.

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