One Dog, Ten Frogs: A learning-to-count game from Orchard Toys

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We are big fans of Orchard Toys and have a whole shelf of their educational board games which are well used and much loved.

We could not resist trying out a new Orchard Toys game in the form of One Dog, Ten Frogs.

The game, aimed at children aged 3 and over, is primarily a matching, memory and counting game teaching numbers up to 15. It can also help children to learn colours, sequencing and adding up/subtracting so it is a great board game to have on the shelf!

One Dog Ten Frogs Orchard Toys new counting game - learn to count

What’s in the box?

There are 30 large, colourful cards (15 pairs) plus two connecting jigsaw pieces which make a number reference board. This shows the numbers from 1-15 and the matching animals (or other creatures!)  you need to look out for.

One Dog Ten Frogs Orchard Toys (41)

How do you play One Dog, Ten Frogs?

You can play One Dog, Ten Frogs with one player or more. It’s a game where you work together, as opposed to playing against each other although you can declare a ‘winner’ of whoever has the most pairs if your children like a bit of competition!

The rules are really simple and can be followed even by young children, although if you think they might have difficulty remembering where cards are, so you can leave them face up to make it a little easier.

Shuffle the cards up and lay them all down on the floor. You’ll need a fair bit of space to have all 30 cards as they’re big and chunky; ideal for small hands.

One Dog Ten Frogs Orchard Toys

Players take turns selecting a card which they turn over, and then count the characters.

In our game, we had to say the colour and the character as well, so ‘three pink bunnies’!

One Dog Ten Frogs Orchard Toys

That player then chooses and turns over a second card and counts the characters.

If it’s different to the first, then both cards go back on the floor face down, and it’s the next player’s turn.

One Dog Ten Frogs Orchard Toys: Educational board game

If the number cards match, the player gets to keep the cards, and then it is the next player’s go.

One Dog Ten Frogs Orchard Toys

Once all the pairs have been found, work together to put the cards in a big line in numerical order; you can use the number line as a reference to help.

Educational board games One Dog Ten Frogs Orchard Toys

And that’s it!

What did we like about One Dog, Ten Frogs?

It’s a really simple concept for even young children to grasp and the kids enjoyed playing it. Although it’s similar in concept to other matching games, the picture cards are larger and more brightly coloured with fun and easily recognisable characters which make them very easy to match.

I like the fact that, as with most Orchard Toys games, you can change the difficulty level of the game to suit the age and ability of your child.  My four year old could do the whole thing on her own and my very-almost-three year old had no problem matching up the cards if they were left face up after the first unsuccessful attempt to pair them, although he needed his sister’s help to put them in numerical order.

The instructions suggest that you can use the number reference board to help learn basic adding and subtracting which is something we are just starting to do, so this will come in handy.

The game has an RRP of £10 and is available through their website here, from good toy shops or via Amazon using the affiliate link below.

Take a look at the other educational board games from Orchard Toys on their website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

We were sent this One Dog, Ten Frogs game by Orchard Toys for free for the purposes of this review but all words and pictures are mine.

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Want to help your preschooler learn to count, match, sequence and add and subtract in a fun way? One Dog, Ten Frogs is a fun learning-to-count educational board game from Orchard Toys. #preschoolers #educational #learningtocount #learningnumbers #matching #sequencing #boardgames

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