Untamed Raptors: The Fingerlings dinosaurs (with video)

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Quick warning: You might notice a theme going on over the next few weeks in the toys we are reviewing; it’s about to get quite dinosaur-heavy. This is because it’s coming up to my smallest’s birthday and he, like many little boys his age, is inexplicably dino-obsessed.

When offered the opportunity to review an Untamed Raptor (dinosaur Fingerling) I couldn’t really pass it up!

We received Stealth, a purple and light green velociraptor from toymaker Wowee. There are several other Untamed Fingerlings raptors in different colours.

His sister has got one of the Fingerlings Monkeys – the impossible to find smash hit toy of Christmas 2017. I’d like to say we pulled strings to get one but actually we got it from Tesco.

Fingerlings Monkey

It’s a cute little chattering monkey which farts and burps much to my daughter’s delight and although it spends most of its time hanging upside down in her bedroom these days, she still picks it up and plays with it fairly regularly which is more than can be said for a lot of her Christmas presents.

Untamed Raptor Fingerlings Dinosaur (Stealth) and pink Fingerling Monkey

The Untamed Raptor Fingerlings are similar to their cute monkey counterparts in many ways.

They fit on to your finger (or at least a child’s finger), and have a tail that curls which you can use to hang them upside down. They make a lot of different noises and react to your touch with the sensors on the front and back of their head. Different combinations of touching/blowing in their mouth will evoke different responses. The dinosaurs also fart (happy day).

Untamed Raptor review : ingerlings Dinosaur in packaging (stealth)

However there are a number of differences.

As well as having a head which moves from side to side and eyes that open like the Fingerlings monkeys, the Untamed Raptor dino Fingerlings have a jaw that opens and closes as it makes a range of dinosaur noises. It also has two modes – Tamed and Untamed.

Untamed Raptor Fingerlings Dinosaur

Tamed mode, which can be entered by stroking the dino’s head, means he’ll make nice ‘purring’ dino noises. Shake him and he’ll enter Untamed mode where he’ll roar and growl and make much scarier noises!

They work straight out of the box, all you have to do is flick the little switch on their neck and the batteries are included.

Here is a quick and totally unprofessional video of some of the noises the Untamed Raptor Fingerlings dino makes:

I found that the Untamed Raptor was much more responsive than some other toys we’ve tested and it wasn’t tricky to get him to react.

The Untamed Fingerlings dinos are really aimed at children aged 6+ but my daughter who is four had no problem getting him to work. Although somewhat predictably she wasn’t as keen on the raptor as she was with the cute pink monkey I’m sure that her brother will absolutely love it.

Untamed Raptor Fingerlings Dinosaur velociraptor toy

The Untamed Fingerlings have an RRP of £17 each and can be bought from all good toy shops or via the Amazon links below. You can now buy the Fingerlings Monkey from almost anywhere with an RRP of around £14.

To find out more about Untamed, visit the website here.

We received this Untamed Raptor Fingerlings Dinosaur free for the purposes of this review but words and pictures are my own.

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