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From flicking through the latest interior magazine to watching home makeover programmes on TV, there may be an abundance of design ideas and gorgeous living spaces that you wish you could imitate in your own home.

Well, now you can – and without spending too much money.


With a few strategically placed accessories, you can ensure your home takes on a luxurious, designer edge. Let’s find out how:

Introduce feature lighting

Nothing adds to the overall look and feel of a room more than lighting. That’s why the lighting you choose has a direct impact on the ambience you create.

For example, if bold and contemporary is the order of the day, try a quirky design or lampshade in a vivid colour. Or, if you’d rather keep things cool and classic, a stunning chandelier can really create a chic focal point in the room.

Hang shutters at the windows

To really bring a dramatic finishing touch to the room, why not opt for shutters? Available from companies like Direct Blinds, they come in a number of different designs, allowing you to find a style that complements your interior design scheme. Tall, traditional shutters are perfect for country-style houses, while café-style shutters are great for further ambient lighting.

Bring in some fresh flowers

Add fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are something you’ll always see in a roomset in a magazine.


Because it adds to the style, elegance and freshness of the space.

You can easily recreate this in your house by continually adding flowers to your windowsill, sideboard or dining table. Try to select flowers that complement the colours and style of your home – for example, minimalistic spaces are set off by sophisticated, luxurious white orchids or lilies.

Add mirrors to the walls

Mirrors aren’t only the best accessory for creating a touch of luxury in your home, but they’re also perfect for adding to the spacious feel of it. If you want to try and open up a room, choose larger mirrors. But if you want to use mirrors to create statement pieces, hang ones with baroque frames or bold designs above your sofa, bed or other pieces of furniture.

Opt for layers of texture

Adding depth and layers

As you glance through interior magazines you’ll notice one thing – many of the properties that are photographed will have plenty of rugs, cushions and throws featured in the rooms. This is because they bring added layers of design to the space, creating a warm, inviting setting that has some additional wow factor.

To achieve this in your own home, start with velvet or silk cushions, soft throws, animal-print rugs or other quirky design pieces that will enhance your space. You could even get artistic with other materials like woods and metals, introducing these in your lighting, picture frames and so on. Don’t forget some rich colours, like red, dark blue or orange, too.

By putting together all of the aforementioned tips, you’ll soon be on your way to creating a stunning space within your home – and for far less than the price it cost in those interior magazines!

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